Wally West Is the One True Flash, and This Quote Proves It

The argument on which Flash is the very best might have been settled with one line when Wally West informed a demon off after being forged into a private hell.

Prepare Flash followers, as a result of one quote definitively proves that Wally West is the very best hero to ever maintain the Scarlet Speedster’s title. When dealing with a god-level risk, one boast from West reveals why he is the very best hero to ever bear the well-known moniker.

Ever because the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, took on the mantle, there’s been a speedster zipping across the DC Universe to maintain the world protected with their great pace. Like many heroes, there’s been a number of variations of the identical hero, every with their very own distinctive traits. Along with Jay and Wally, there’s Avery Ho, the Flash of China, the thirtieth century’s Bart Allen and, in fact, some of the notable bearers of the title, Barry Allen. There’s loads of speedsters within the Flash Household and each is simply as necessary because the final in relation to saving the day.


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And whereas each Flash has some spectacular pace, just one may be the very best. And it seems to be like Wally made a powerful case when he was confronted by a satan. In JLA: Labeled #15, the Justice League faces off towards an otherworldly entity often called Z. Presenting himself as a literal satan, the JLA is pressured by Z to confront their biggest fears within the type of their very own private hells. Wally, in fact, faces a state of affairs the place he is been robbed of his pace. Z informs the hero that his connection to the Velocity Power has been severed and that any second, a swarm will envelop the Flash. Wally realizes the Velocity Power is not gone, Z simply quickly made Wally suppose that it is gone. West defies Z’s taunts and tells the entity “You have by no means met anybody like me earlier than. I am MADE of pace“.

Wally West Flash Made of Speed DC Comics

And naturally, Wally is ready to get away because of his Velocity Power powers. With so many heroes sharing the Flash identify, admittedly, it’s onerous to decree one as ‘the very best’. Particularly since each Flash has had not less than one good second utilizing their specific expertise. However Wally reveals a outstanding reference to the Velocity Power that the others simply do not have. Even when dealing with a literal hell, West’s religion within the Velocity Power is unwavering giving him an edge over his fellow Scarlet Speedsters.

When Wally West took over for Barry Allen after Disaster on Infinite Earths, the previous Child Flash knew he had some massive sneakers to fill. Wally realized all the things concerning the Velocity Power he may and pushed himself additional than another speedster. And people research gave Wally a confidence within the Velocity Power that even an alien demon could not destroy. Certain, each speedster might need that very same connection to the enigmatic vitality, however Wally is aware of the Velocity Power so effectively, it is turn into part of him.

His uncle Barry might need taken a extra scientific method to this example, however West went together with his intestine, figuring out that nothing may really sever him from the Velocity Power. With one line, Wally West has cemented himself as the very best Flash of all time.

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