Wanda Was Each The Hero And Villain of Physician Unusual 2

In Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity, Wanda got here head to head together with her darker, extra harmful self within the type of the Scarlet Witch.

WARNING: The next incorporates SPOILERS for Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity

Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff is the hero and villain of Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity. The film proved that Wanda is each heroic and villainous, and whereas arguments have been made for both sides of that coin, essentially the most logical path is that she served as each. A number of variants of Physician Unusual and Wanda Maximofff confirmed how every character confronted a complete new which means of self-reflection. Wanda got here head to head together with her darker, extra harmful self, actually and figuratively. How she selected to reply may have far-reaching penalties for the way forward for the MCU.


Throughout WandaVision, Wanda confronted an analogous inside battle and have become the villain of her personal story. Earlier than the Scarlet Witch’s dying in Physician Unusual 2, she confronted her grief and trauma and righted her wrongs, with the “assist” of the witch Agatha Harkness. Nonetheless, the injury was performed, and Wanda carries immense guilt for all of the ache she triggered. Wanda Maximoff has repeatedly walked the road between hero and villain, however her compassion and empathy have at all times steered her again to the best course. She could also be a flawed character, however she has a superb coronary heart at her core. Wanda Maximoff as soon as once more had to confront her inside demons and confronted her largest check but in Physician Unusual 2 – her personal actions.

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This inside battle was central to Physician Unusual 2. All through her MCU journey, Wanda is able to appearing each malevolently and benevolently. She concurrently causes immense destruction and takes the battle to a few of Marvel’s strongest villains — and heroes, as evidenced by her brutal killing of the Illuminati in Physician Unusual 2. Nonetheless, the emergence of the Scarlet Witch persona raises the stakes to a complete new stage. After the post-credit scene of WandaVision, it is clear that there are, in essence, two Wandas – one sitting on the porch consuming tea in sweats, the opposite serving as an astral projection of herself studying from the Darkhold in full Scarlet Witch apparel. The ominous implication of this second is that the occasions of WandaVision have unleashed a bodily manifestation of Wanda’s darkest impulses. This is how Wanda Maximoff was each the hero and the villain in Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity.

WandaVision Foreshadowed Wanda’s Villain Flip Fantastically

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2.

Viewing WandaVision as The Scarlet Witch’s villain origin story additionally showcases the ache of her hero arc: her relatable grief, anger, and loneliness had been obvious and introduced audiences into her story via robust conceptualization and construction. Earlier than being solid in Physician Unusual 2, the hazard that Wanda posed had already been laid naked by the MCU. Throughout WandaVision’s finale, Agatha Harkness warns Wanda about the specter of the Scarlet Witch’s very existence, explaining: “The Scarlet Witch is just not born, she is cast…It is your future to destroy the world.” Wanda dismissed her, conveying that it wasn’t who she was, however Agatha identified Wanda was already appearing just like the villain. Subconsciously she had imprisoned tons of of individuals to play an element in her fantasy life and satisfied herself they had been comfortable. Nonetheless, as soon as Wanda realizes they had been in ache and that she was the reason for it, she instantly tries liberating them. Her darkest impulses had trapped them, however her compassion set them free. This compelling turmoil can be explored in Physician Unusual 2 in the direction of the ending credit.

In a last-ditch effort to avoid wasting herself from Agatha Harkness, Wanda “forges” the Scarlet Witch, and Agatha proclaims, “You haven’t any concept what you’ve unleashed.” What she unleashed made its debut in Physician Unusual 2, and he or she did not pull punches this time round. When Wanda Maximoff was transported to Earth-838, she noticed her youngsters cower in concern. In return, she used her powers to destroy Mount Wundagore and convey down the Darkhold, showing to sacrifice herself within the course of. The stakes had been excessive in Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity, not just for the Multiverse but in addition for Wanda’s soul.

Wanda Was An Unstoppable Villain And Physician Unusual 2’s Primary Character


Probably the most compelling piece of Wanda Maximoff’s character is her duality. This was showcased throughout Physician Unusual 2‘s ending when she sees that she is hurting her youngsters. As a substitute of constant the Darkhold’s reign, she destroys all copies of it out of compassion for her children and the insanity the ordeal created. Within the course of, she seemingly sacrificed herself. Nonetheless, all through Physician Unusual 2, she additionally performs a cutthroat villain. Wanda Maximoff has a one-track thoughts relating to getting what she desires, even when which means stealing America Chavez’s powers. She killed the Illuminati and not using a thought and pursued Physician Unusual’s group relentlessly.

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Not solely that, however the purpose she was technically overwhelmed is that she gave up. Unbeatable villains do not come usually within the MCU, however (presuming Wanda is not lifeless) she has but to be captured, defeated, or killed, even after dealing with off in opposition to America Chavez’s powers. And even when she is lifeless, it is often because she deliberate it that manner. For these unfamiliar with the comics, Scarlet Witch’s character arc is one for the books — which is just exemplified by Elizabeth Olsen’s astounding efficiency within the position. She was additionally handed among the finest kills within the MCU on a silver platter (served alongside Reed-Richards-flavored spaghetti). Hopefully, Wanda will return to the MCU after the occasions of Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity.

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