Was Kim Hieora REALLY a Bully: TRUE Story Behind Bullying Controversy of “The Glory” Actress

The rising actress of “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2” Kim Hieora has gotten involved in a severe bullying scandal and controversy. Not only has the bullying controversy damaged her reputation, it has also endangered her promising future in the film industry. So, was Kim Hieora a bully, and what happened to the bullying accusation against “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2” actress? Check out the following report for the full story.

“The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2” Actress Kim Hieora Faces School Bullying Controversy

Despite her impressive depiction of Sara, the bully in “The Glory” Korean drama, actress Kim Hieora faces controversy about having the same past as the character she played.

On September 6, Dispatch released a comprehensive exposé, revealing the story of “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2” actress Kim Hieora. According to Dispatch, Kim Hieora had been a bully and school violence perpetrator during her middle school days.

The report has since become an explosive surprise for fans and Korean drama enthusiasts. Previously, Kim Hieora had played a significant role as a bully in “The Glory” Korean drama, and she had also expressed her concerns against school bullying. Therefore, the reports of Kim Hieora as a perpetrator in a school bullying controversy were unbelievable.

Full Story of Kim Hieora Bullying Controversy During School Days – According to Dispatch

Further in the exclusive exposé, Dispatch stated that Kim Hieora bullying controversy happened when she attended Sangji Girls’ Middle School, Wonju District, Gangwon Province. At the time, student A of the 8th grade stole items from another class and confessed that she was under the order of Kim Hieora.


“Older sister Kim Hieora wanted to pay for her mother’s hospital fees. She told me to do it.” 


Student X of the 8th grade.

Dispatch then revealed that Kim Hieora was part of the notorious bullying gang at Sangji Girls’ Middle School, the Big Sangji. This group was reportedly infamous for bullying other students with verbal abuse and physical violence. After meeting approximately 10 former students of Sanji Girls’ Middle School, Dispatch compiled a detailed report about the school bullying controversy and obtained a statement from Kim Hieora.

Here’s the full story of “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2” actress Kim Hieora bullying controversy, according to Dispatch.

A Member of Big Sangji Bullying Gang at School

The first detail Dispatch revealed was that Kim Hieora was allegedly part of a bullying gang called Big Sangji. This gang consisted of bullies who extorted money from others and used them for personal entertainment.

During her school days, Kim Hieora was reportedly a Big Sangji bully. Dispatch obtained a capture of her message in the group’s message board. 

Kim Hieora’s message in the group’s message board. | Dispatch
Kim Hieora’s message in the group’s message board. | Dispatch

The former students with whom Dispatch communicated testified of this fact.

“At the school, there was a group named Big Sangji. They took money from people and gave it to the oldest in the group. They would yell at you and hit you if you didn’t have money. Kim Hieora was in this group too.” 

former student B of Sangji Girls’ Middle School.

“The online community (Big Sangji) was just for bullies.

They would suddenly ask us for money and use it to buy cigarettes, alcohol, and sing at karaoke. Also, they used the money to buy gifts for their boyfriends. 

They wouldn’t stop bothering you if you didn’t give them the money.”

former student C of Sangji Girls’ Middle School.

Involved in Many Bullying Cases at School

Along with the fact that Kim Hieora was a part of Big Sangji bully, Dispatch also stated that she was involved in a school theft incident.

During her 9th grade, Kim Hieora’s family went bankrupt, and she worked hard at a Korean fast-food store to earn some pocket money. She told her friends about her situations: X and Y. 

Under the reason of friendship, X stole items for Kim Hieora. They admitted to doing it because they had wanted to look good in front of her. The teacher did not believe X wanted to help Kim Hieora and punished the two students.

“I asked Kim Hieora why she had a part-time job. She then told me her family had lost all their money and had financial problems. I wanted to help her, so I took stuff without anyone knowing. At the time, I wanted to impress her.” 

former student X.

More statements from other students also accused Kim Hieora of being a school bully. They claimed that the actress had made them buy cigarettes and took their money to go to the karaoke.

Therefore, when Kim Hieora took on the role of Sara the bully, Big Sangji members who were still in touch made fun of her image.

Big Sangji members’ chatroom about Kim Hieora’s role as Sara the bully. | Dispatch
Big Sangji members’ chatroom about Kim Hieora’s role as Sara the bully. | Dispatch

Caption: Big Sangji members’ chatroom about Kim Hieora’s role as Sara the bully. | Dispatch

The Clarification from “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2” Actress: She was Not a Bully, but a Bystander

Dispatch also contacted “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2” actress Kim Hieora, asking for her statements regarding these school bullying claims. And so the actress explained what really happened at the time.

Since Kim Hieora was worried that this exclusive report would affect the premiere of “The Uncanny Counter 2”, Dispatch decided to wait until the Kdrama’s conclusion to release the article, even though they had wrapped up the report in June 2023.

Kim Hieora with Big Sangji. | Dispatch
Kim Hieora with Big Sangji. | Dispatch

Big Sangji was Not a Bullying Gang

Kim Hieora first clarified that Big Sangji was not a bullying gang. It was the name of an online community that she was part of, and everyone could join the community.

Still, Kim Hieora admitted that her past was full of mistakes. She was involved in school bullying incidents at school but more as a bystander. When her friends extorted money from others, she did nothing and simply spectated the incidents.

However, Kim Hieora insisted she had never participated in the bullying. In fact, she was one of the school bullying victims as well.

“Yeah, I wasn’t a good student in middle school. I did mess around a bit.

But Big Sangji wasn’t a bullying gang. Having an online group with your friends was awesome back then, and Big Sangji was the name of our online group. It wasn’t some secret club for bullies.

I may have been hanging around with Big Sangji. At the time, the older kids would hit me for no reason, but I had never hit my friends or the younger kids.

The 9th graders would suddenly ask for 100,000 won. We were short on time, so the 8th graders collected 50,000 won, and got another 50,000 won from the 7th graders.

I admit I watched all this happen, and I’m truly sorry for that.

Still, I never took part in yelling at people or hitting them. So, why did they mention my name? Was I standing next to them? Was I walking by them? I never started any of these.

Maybe I didn’t think it was a big deal because it was younger kids who were getting bullied. Looking back, I see that standing by and doing nothing was a big mistake for me.” 

Kim Hieora.

The School Bullying Incidents

Further in her story, Kim Hieora clarified about the school theft and other bullying incidents.

Kim Hieora remembered the school thief as a friend who had been following her a lot. She also knew they only wanted to help her.

Nobody believed when she stated she had warned the friend not to do it. So, the school punished Kim Hieora with community service and sent the two students to separate places. 

“She was a friend who hung around with me a lot. I think she found out about my family’s situation and wanted to help. I never asked her to do anything, but nobody believed me.

Doing community service was an eye-opener for me. It hit me that I’d been living in a way that made people not trust me. I realized I hadn’t been building trust with others.” 

Kim Hieora.

“The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2” actress Kim Hieora also clarified that she had never smoked or extorted money from others when she was at school.

“I had never smoked. I tried to build a strong image then, but my body couldn’t take cigarettes. Besides, my boyfriend at the time hated girls who smoke.

Yes, I liked to sing at the karaoke, so I went to those places often. My friend sometimes paid for the service, but I don’t remember where they got the money.

However, I have never extorted money from others for this purpose.” 

Kim Hieora.

Official Statement from The Agency

Then, in responding to the bullying controversy, “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2” actress Kim Hieora agency, Gram Entertainment, posted an official statement.

In the statement, they refuted all the accusations that Kim Hieora was a bully. The agency also revealed that they have resolved the issues with Dispatch and all the informants involved. Therefore, they were surprised that Dispatch released the article with such nature, especially when both Dispatch and Kim Hieora acknowledged that these informants’ comments were already wrapped up as misunderstandings.

“Despite what today’s article title suggests, Kim Hieora didn’t admit to or participate in bullying. She’s never been part of any school violence. We want to clarify again that Kim Hieora had explained to the media outlet about this.

Also, both the media and Kim Hieora found out that the person who gave the info was wrong because they remembered things incorrectly. This person apologized to Kim Hieora and told the media outlet they were wrong. So, we thought the issue was settled because it was all a misunderstanding.

Kim Hieora explained everything to the reporters, but the media outlet published the speculative article.

So, once again, we clarify that Kim Hieora was never a bully at school. Also, she had never participated in school violence.

Therefore, we urge you to stop spreading this false information.” 

Gram Entertainment.

“The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2” Actress Kim Hieora Posted an Official Apology

Finally, “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2” actress Kim Hieora apologized for the bullying controversy on her Instagram.

“I apologize for causing concern to everyone. I promise to handle everything honestly and calmly from now on.

Once again, I’m truly sorry to those who have supported and trusted me, and I also apologize to everyone I have hurt. 

I know some people still believe in me, and I won’t let you down by lying. Please keep an eye on me as I go forward.” 

Kim Hieora.

So, what do you think about the bullying controversy accusing “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2” actress Kim Hieora of being a bully?

All in all, it seems that Kim Hieora has resolved the issues with the informants and apologized for his past mistakes. While Dispatch publishes the article for the due diligence of journalists and reporters, it is of the utmost importance to consider both sides’ statements. Therefore, let us not jump to any hasty conclusions and refrain from spreading false information.

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