Watch Alia Bhatt & Gal Gadot In Heart Of Stone Teaser

The much-awaited look from the thriller film Heart of Stone is shared by Netflix, last night. The very first look, the teaser of Heart of Stone showcased Gal Gadot, Alia Bhatt and Jamie Dornan. The clip also has a lot of behind-the-scenes and an insight into the film. Scroll down to know more.

The Cast

The film features, Wonder Woman aka Gal Gadot, who looks absolutely stunning in her action scenes. Our Darlings Alia Bhatt making her Hollywood debut. And actor Jamie Dornan, who is a musician too, got noticed for his role in ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’. Indeed, people around the globe have expectations from the film that has its release in 2023.

Heart of Stone Teaser

The video was shared on an event on Netflix, Tudum: Netflix Global Fan Event. Around 120 titles were announced on the platform. The teaser opens with the voiceover, “You know what you signed up for-no friends, no relationships. What we do is too important”.

What then ensues is nothing less than a quick sequence of dark and gloomy roads, deserts, explosions, and a glimpse of a confused Alia. She is playing the role of Keya Dhawan. Alia Bhatt is a top actress in India, and recently gave her best performance in Darlings and Gangubai.

Alia took to her Instagram last night and share the teaser of the spy thriller ‘Heart of Stone’, helmed by the director Tom Harper. Who earlier did Peaky Blinders and War and Peace. Gal ‘Wonder Woman’ Gadot plays the lead character, CIA Agent Rachel Stone.


The ‘Heart of Stone’ teaser is loaded full of action performed by Gal Gadot. Alia Bhatt shot some part of it while her pregnancy. fans are eagerly waiting for the film that is set to release next year.

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