Watch: “All Of Us Are Dead” Cast Take Over The School In Preview For “Knowing Bros”

The cast of the hit series “All of Us Are Dead” will be on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”!

“All of Us Are Dead” is a Netflix series about a group of students waiting to be rescued after a zombie virus breaks out at their school.

The “Knowing Bros” preview begins with a “news report” about a zombie virus breaking out at the “Knowing Bros” school. The guests from “All of Us Are Dead” are Park Ji Hu (Nam On Jo), Yoon Chan Young (Lee Cheong San), Yoo In Soo (Yoon Gwi Nam), Im Jae Hyuk (Yang Dae Su), Ha Seung Ri (Jang Ha Ri), and Lee Eun Saem (Park Mi Jin).

As the preview continues, Yoo In Soo comes out swinging as the show’s villain and gets pinned to a wall with a desk. Park Ji Hu achieves her wish of standing next to Seo Jang Hoon, making clear the height difference between the two. The cast members talk about their characters’ romances and also the romances they wish their characters had, creating a new “love triangle” between Park Ji Hu, Yoon Chan Young, and Lee Eun Saem, while Ha Seung Ri picks Im Jae Hyuk’s character as her ideal type. Lee Eun Saem charms the cast with the contrast between her real bubbly personality and her delinquent, foul-mouthed character.

When the zombie virus officially breaks loose at the “school,” things devolve into chaos as the guests engage in parodies of their romance scenes in the drama, the “Knowing Bros” cast mercilessly tease each other and show their best zombie acting, and a comedic dance showcase takes place. At the end, Cho Yi Hyun (also in “All of Us Are Dead”) makes a brief video appearance, asking, “Guys, are you still alive?”


This episode will air on March 12. Check out the preview below!

Watch “Knowing Bros” below!

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