Watch: BTOB Brings Their Trademark Chaotic Energy To “Knowing Bros” In Preview

BTOB will be the next guests on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”!

In the preview released for next week’s episode, five of the BTOB members introduce themselves as refreshing (Minhyuk), innocent (Changsub), muscle (Hyunsik), angel (Peniel), and cutie (Yook Sungjae). Eunkwang is not in the preview, potentially due to his COVID-19 diagnosis earlier this week.

BTOB is back together as a group for the first time in four years after all the members completed their mandatory military service. Because they were dressed in very formal school uniforms, Seo Jang Hoon asked Hyunsik (who was also wearing glasses) if he was preparing for the bar exam. However, all of the cast were very impressed at the muscles and toned physique he was hiding under the jacket.

Yook Sungjae and Minhyuk showed off their various talents, which were described as “not likely to make them any money.” Then the BTOB members play the headphones game, which results in hilarious snippets like, “How do you say ‘fingernail’ in English” (Peniel) and Yook Sungjae’s response, “I don’t know,” as well as “We’re kkanbu [a reference to ‘Squid Game’]!” (again from Peniel) and “What do you want me to do about it?” (again from Yook Sungjae).

At the end, the “Knowing Bros” cast goes head-to-head with the BTOB members, with water gun and flour balloon punishments on the line.


This episode will air next Saturday at 8:40 p.m. KST. Check out the preview below!

BTOB is gearing up for a group comeback with their third full album, “Be Together,” on February 21.

Watch “Knowing Bros” below!

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