Watch: Here’s Each ITZY Member’s Favorite Individual Fancam Of Herself

Each ITZY member has chosen her favorite individual fancam of herself!

On February 26, ITZY held a special “Birthday Party” YouTube live broadcast to celebrate their recent third anniversary of their debut. Although their anniversary was actually two weeks ago on February 12, the group was forced to reschedule the celebration after several members of the group came down with COVID-19.

During the live broadcast, the ITZY members revealed their personal picks for their favorite individual fancams—and you can check all of them out below!


Yeji’s choice was a “LOCO” fancam from “Music Bank,” and she asked the other ITZY members, “Do you remember when I parted my hair like this? I changed how I parted my hair that day, and I really liked it. I also haven’t worn red lipstick that often on music shows, but I did that day, and I felt like it made my face look brighter.”

She went on, “I was in good condition, and I was happy with my performance that day as well. I think I need to be wearing pants in order to dance comfortably.”


Yeji also revealed that she’d had a hard time choosing just one fancam, and she named her first “In the morning” fancam from “Music Bank” as one of her runner-ups.



Lia’s pick was a fancam of herself performing their debut track “DALLA DALLA” on “M Countdown.” She noted, “This is back when we were really young and fresh, when we had just debuted.”

“When each of us were captured on camera [during this performance], I got a little flustered,” she recalled with a nostalgic laugh. “Watching videos from back then, I sort of find myself smiling happily at how foolish and bumbling I look.”


Ryujin chose a “LOCO” fancam from “M Countdown,” and her reasons were short and simple.

“I think I looked pretty in this [fancam],” said Ryujin, “and I also danced well that day.”


Chaeryeong’s choice was an “Inkigayo” fancam of herself performing “Sorry Not Sorry,” one of the B-sides from ITZY’s 2021 mini album “GUESS WHO.”

“The reason I picked this [fancam] is because I was in great physical condition that day,” explained Chaeryeong. “Like one of the top five days [of my entire career]. I still remember it. Usually, when we dance to a song multiple times, I get tired after the second time. Even if I want to dance better, my body is exhausted. But I was in such good physical condition that day that my stamina made that possible. That’s why I picked this fancam. I was able to dance without regret.”


Last but not least, Yuna chose a fancam that the other ITZY members were able to guess right away. As Chaeryeong put it, it was a “legendary debut fancam” that went viral and catapulted Yuna into the spotlight back when ITZY first debuted in 2019.

When the ITZY members also brought up a different “DALLA DALLA” fancam in which Yuna wore a green top, Yuna replied, “Personally, I do like the one with the green top, but MIDZYs liked this one so much, and there are so many people who came to know me because of this fancam. So I chose this one.”

You can check out both fancams below!

What are your favorite ITZY fancams? Let us know in the comments!

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