Watch Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min in the Captivating Korean Rom-Com Movie “30 Days”+ Release Date & Exciting Teasers

The highly anticipated Korean rom-com movie “30 Days,” starring Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min, has recently announced its premiere date and released exciting teasers. Read on to learn more about this new Korean movie, “30 Days.”

Korean Movie “30 Days” Starring Kang Haneul and Jung So Min, Reveals Its Premiere Date and Exciting Trailers

 Jung So Min and Kang Ha Neul to star in “30 Days” Korean movie. | Mindmark
Jung So Min and Kang Ha Neul to star in “30 Days” Korean movie. | Mindmark

In August 2022, Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min confirmed their roles in a new Korean rom-com movie directed by Nam Dae Jung. Titled “30 Days,” this film marks a reunion for the actors, who previously starred together in the Korean drama “Twenty” in 2015.

On August 24, Mindmark made an exciting announcement for the upcoming movie. They revealed the premiere date of “30 Days” and unveiled captivating posters and a teaser for the Korean film.

“30 Days” Korean Movie

“30 Days” is a romantic-comedy Korean movie that revolves around the married couple, No Jung Yeol and Hong Na Ra. The couple was once deeply in love, but after a major fight, their marriage has become unhappy and on the verge of falling apart.

Realizing that their love has turned into hate, they make a mutual decision to end their marriage. However, fate has other plans for them. Just 30 days before their scheduled separation, they experience a devastating car accident that leaves them both with amnesia.

 Now, without memory of their past, they must rediscover themselves and their relationship. As they navigate this unfamiliar territory, the question arises – will they continue with their plans to go their separate ways, or will their journey of rediscovery lead them back to love?


“30 Days” promises to be an emotional and heartwarming story of love, loss, and second chances.


Cast and Characters

Actor Kang Ha Neul and actress Jung So Min as No Jung Yeol and Hong Na Ra in Korean Movie “30 Days.” | Mindmark
Actor Kang Ha Neul and actress Jung So Min as No Jung Yeol and Hong Na Ra in Korean Movie “30 Days.” | Mindmark

Kang Ha Neul takes on the character of No Jung Yeol, a lawyer with exceptional intelligence and striking looks. Despite his outward success, he carries a burden from his difficult past that he struggles to let go of. In the character poster, No Jung Yeol is depicted looking up at the sky with a bright smile, accompanied by the text “D-30 to Happiness.” This hints at his desire to find happiness and let go of the past.

Jung So Min portrays Hong Na Ra, a charismatic and enigmatic film producer. She exudes confidence but is often difficult to understand. In the character poster, Hong Na Ra is also seen gazing at the sky alongside the text “D-30 to freedom.” This suggests her longing for a fresh start and the freedom to be true to herself.

With Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min’s stellar performances, viewers can anticipate a captivating on-screen chemistry that will bring to life the complex journey of No Jung Yeol and Hong Na Ra as they rediscover themselves and their relationship within the confines of their amnesia.

Teaser Video

The recently released teaser provides a glimpse into the personalities of both characters. No Jung Yeol is depicted as someone who was born with intelligence, good looks, and an annoying loser-like personality. On the other hand, Hong Na Ra is portrayed as skilled and successful but with a touch of craziness.

The teaser starts off humorously, with Jung Yeol stating, “It felt like a movie. It still feels like a movie. It’s just that the genre has now changed to thriller.” The change hints at the turbulent situation they find themselves in.

He further expresses, “God is fair, right? He gave me intelligence and handsomeness, but he also threw that woman at me.” This suggests that despite his successes, his marriage has been a challenge.

Hong Na Ra adds, “It’s like a mosquito. No matter how hard I try to catch it, it still keeps showing up.” This remark hints at their ongoing conflicts and difficulties in their relationship.

The teaser promises humor and emotions as it explores love, frustration, and complexities of marriage. In their continuous bickering, Jung Yeol and Na Ra have a car accident, losing their memories. They become strangers, forgetting all the ups they’ve experienced in their relationship.

After losing their memories, they become strangers and start over before their inevitable divorce. The teaser ends with Jung Yeol’s peculiar smile and Na Ra’s surprised expression, hinting at the uproarious comedy that will have viewers laughing uncontrollably. 

The teaser ends with a caption that generates anticipation for the delightful chemistry between Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min. They navigate the 30 days that erase all memories and love, leaving only laughter in their wake.

“30 Days” Premiere Date

The upcoming movie “30 Days” will premiere on October 3, 2023. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

Are you excited to watch Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min in the Korean movie “30 Days”? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

In the meantime, you can watch the two actors in their film “Twenty” and their upcoming Korean movie “30 Days.”

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