Watch: Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, Son Seok Gu, And Lee El Search For Happiness In A Meaningless Life In New Drama Teasers

JTBC’s upcoming Saturday-Sunday drama “My Liberation Diary” (literal translation) has released a new poster and teasers.

“My Liberation Diary” is about three siblings who want to escape their stifling lives and a mysterious outsider who comes to their town.

Kim Ji Won stars as Yum Min Jung, the youngest sibling, who is introverted and timid until she decides to make a change in order to liberate herself from her dreary and monochrome life. Lee Min Ki stars as Yum Chang Hee, the middle sibling, who had hoped for an exciting life in the city but now lives aimlessly without any ambition. Lee El plays Yum Ki Jung, the eldest sibling, who feels like her youth has been wasted on commuting back and forth to her job in Seoul and is desperate to find love. Son Seok Gu stars as Mr. Gu, the charming and mysterious outsider who suddenly arrives in town and gets drunk every day, having lost his purpose in life.

The new poster shows a winter landscape with the four lead actors walking on a snowy lane. Each of them leaves their own footprints behind in the snow as they head toward an unseen future, hopefully a brighter and warmer one with spring on the horizon. The caption reads, “I wish we could all be happy.”

The production staff stated, “For the three Yum siblings and Mr. Gu, the town where they live, Sanpo, is a key location. Please look forward to the changes the characters will experience there as the seasons change. It will leave a strong impression of empathy and tears on the viewers’ hearts.”


The teaser also shows the four characters’ struggle to find happiness in what they consider to be their bland and meaningless existences. Kim Ji Won says, “Relationships is just another form of labor.” Lee Min Ki says, “Since I was born, I’ve never experienced delight, pleasure, happiness,” while Lee El breaks down in tears. Kim Ji Won declares, “It feels like I’ve been trapped. But I’m going to break free. I want to be liberated.”

As Kim Ji Won and Son Seok Gu enjoy the sight of the sunset by the river, she says, “I wish we could all be happy. Like we’re out in the shining sunlight, without any crinkles.”

“My Liberation Diary” premieres in April. Check out the teaser below!

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