Watch: Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, And Kim Ji Hyun Show Professionalism And Dedication While Filming “Thirty-Nine”

JTBC has uploaded a new making video for “Thirty-Nine”!

“Thirty-Nine” stars Son Ye JinJeon Mi Do, and Kim Ji Hyun as three friends who met in their second year of high school and are now on the verge of turning 40. Son Ye Jin plays Cha Mi Jo, the head dermatologist of a clinic in Gangnam. Jeon Mi Do takes the role of Jung Chan Young, an acting teacher who previously dreamed of becoming an actress, and Kim Ji Hyun stars as Jang Joo Hee, a department store cosmetics manager.

The clip starts with the trio’s scene at the police station. Although they’re only running through rehearsals, the actresses show their professionalism by remaining serious throughout practice and while monitoring the scene.

Next, the three actresses gather outdoors to film the scene at the orphanage. Son Ye Jin takes interest in a child actor’s toy and asks, “What’s this stuffed animal? Is it your favorite stuffed animal?” When he says yes, she continues, “But why is your favorite stuffed animal so new? Has it not been long since it became your favorite?” Son Ye Jin then asks whether the toy is a prop and a staff member hilariously clears up the confusion as he explains, “It’s just product placement.”

At night, Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Ji Hyun are at a bar, and while waiting for shooting to officially begin, they discuss the upcoming scene. Before they film, Son Ye Jin and Jeon Mi Do have a serious conversation with the director as they clarify the mood, direction, and intention of the scene. To get a proper feel, the trio dive into rehearsals and then impressively film the scene without any mistakes.


Watch the video here!

“Thirty-Nine” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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