Watch: Sooyoung Is An A-Lister Who Turns Danger Into Opportunity With Unexpected Help From Yoon Bak In Teaser For New Rom-Com

MBC has released a teaser for their upcoming rom-com “Please Send a Fan Letter” (literal translation)!

The drama stars Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung as Han Kang Hee, an A-list actress who is facing the greatest crisis of her career. Yoon Bak will star as Han Kang Hee’s first love Bang Jung Suk, a devoted single father whose young daughter is battling leukemia. In order to protect his daughter’s pure heart, he winds up writing fake replies to her fan letters for Han Kang Hee.

The first teaser for “Please Send a Fan Letter” previews the unexpected reunion between Han Kang Hee and Bang Jung Suk. The clip starts off with an introduction to top actress Han Kang Hee, who finds herself in a crisis when it’s reported that she threw away her fan letters.

Han Kang Hee demands that her representatives reveal that the rumors are not true, but the public is uninterested in the truth as they angrily throw hate and criticism towards her. On top of that, she finds herself in a physical confrontation that’s witnessed and stopped by Bang Jung Suk. The two recognize each other instantly, raising questions about what kind of relationship they had in the past.

As time goes on, this danger turns into an opportunity for Han Kang Hee. When Bang Jung Suk’s daughter Yoo Na receives a letter response from her favorite celebrity Han Kang Hee, she jumps up and down with glee and sets up a live broadcast to dish about the experience.


Han Kang Hee is left confused that someone has received a response from her and sets off to personally visit the fan. The visit leads her straight to Bang Jung Suk who asks his daughter, “Yoo Na, what have you done?!”

Watch the full teaser here!

“Please Send a Fan Letter” premieres on November 18 at 9:50 p.m. KST!

Until then, watch Sooyoung in “If You Wish Upon Me” with subtitles here:

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