We Are All Alone (2020) Synopsis & Cast

Drama Info:

Title: We Are All Alone (怪你过分美丽) Guai Ni Guo Fen Mei Li
Episodes: 36
Release Date: June 8, 2020
Film Location: China
Summary: The drama is adapted from a novel of the same name and follows entertainment industry “iron-blooded agent” Mo Xiang Wan as she faces strains and stresses of the workplace. In her confusion and awakening, she finds her original dreams and intension and finds herself on her path to success.

Plot Synoposis:

Mo Xiang Wan is known as the iron-blooded agent of showbiz. At the Golden Urn awards, two of Mo Xiang Wan’s biggest artists are nominated for an award.

However, hidden dangers lie beneath the shimmering lights of stardom. Because of a strategic mistake, Mo Xiang Wan loses her artists.

Through her encounters, Mo Xiang Wan begins to appreciate the ingenuity and passion of veteran actors. She overhauls her methods and decides to focus on making good projects. She is determined to create good work and does not forget her original intentions. Feeling invigorated, she founds the Qingyuan Culture.

Mo Bei is the hotshot lawyer who specializes in commercial law. He sought career development and went abroad for further studies. Their paths cross as Mo Xiang Wan tries to fulfill her dreams. She leads Qingyuan Culture through many successes, and several companies join her cause.

One year later, Mo Xiang Wan is unexpectedly absent at an important signing ceremony. At this time she has landed in New York, crossing through the crowds, smiling and walking towards Mo Bei.

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Cast & Characters:

Qin Lan 秦岚 as Mo Xiang Wan 莫向晚
At the age of 30, she becomes the director of “Qili Culture”, is a well-known iron-blooded agent in the entertainment industry, a career woman who has entered the career “staling period”.

Gao Yi Xiang 高以翔 as Mo Bei 莫北
32 years old, the lawyer of LSM Office, a hot expert in civil and commercial law, is known as the “saviour of the industry” and is also known as the “public enemy”.

Supporting Characters

Wang Zi Yi 王子异 as Xu Ling 徐陵
A 22-year-old high-quality entertainer with a perfect appearance and personality. Mo Xiang Wan has single-handedly cultivated him into a high-quality idol, he is an up and coming newcomer in the industry. He entered the industry because of his passion, experiences confusion and the true reality of being a star, and finally finds the most suitable direction for his development.

Wang Yao Qing 王耀庆 as Yu Jiang 于江
38 years old, the founder of “Qili Culture”.

Hui Ying Hong 惠英红 as Ruan Li Hua 阮荔华
42 years-old, the wife of a well-known domestic entrepreneur. Mo Xiang Wan used to be her assistant, knowing that she has a very strong and kind side.

Guo Xiao Ting 郭晓婷 as Lin Xiang 林湘
A big star of the entertainment industry, she is a simple and self-willed girl.

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Start: June 8, 2020

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