Web Drama The World Of My 17 Sinopsis & Cast

“The World Of My 17” (or “Odd Girl Out” / “Girl’s World”) is a tvN D and V Live original web series that released on 22 April, 2020 and is available to watch online on YouTube.

The World Of My 17 web drama 2020


“The World Of My 17” Korean drama will tell the story related to friendship of few high school students who learn new things in life at this age. For them friends are their world. Oh Nari thinks that she has finally become pretty after dieting, but finds herself as ugly upon seeing pretty students in high school. Her friend is Yu Na, she is almost a perfect girl in everything. Seon Ji is an innocent girl who is always ready to help Nari. Mi Rae who is an idol trainee gets to know Nari through Yu Na.


High School, Slice Of Life, Friendship, Web drama

Main Cast

  • OH MY GIRL’s Arin as Oh Nari
  • Hwang Bo Reum Byeol as Im Yu Na
  • FANATICS’s Kim Do Ah as Im Seon Ji
  • Han Chae Kyung as Seo Mi Rae
  • Ryeoun as Yoo Jin Hyuk
  • Kwon Hyun Bin (Viini) as Jung Woo Kyung


Kdrama “The World Of My 17” will have a total of 12 episodes.

Still Cuts

Oh Nari The world of my 17 2020
Yuna the world of my 17 2020
characters the world of my 17
cast the world of my 17
biys in the world of my 17 web drama 2020
Oh Nari and Yuna the world of my 17
Cute friends in the world of my 17 Kdrama 2020
kiss scene kdrama The world of my 17
New High school web drama 2020 the world of my 17
korean web drama about friendship The World Of My 17


  1. Web drama “The World Of My 17” is based on a popular webtoon
  2. “The World Of My 17” is Arin’s first Korean web drama.
  3. This is Hwang Bo Reum Byol’s first Korean web drama.
  4. Kim Do Ah earlier appeared in Korean web drama “I am not a Robot” (2019).
  5. Han Chae Kyung earlier starred in Korean web drama “Dear My Name” (2019).
  6. Ryeoun earlier appeared in Korean drama “365: Repeat The Year” (2020).
  7. Viini earlier starred in Korean drama “Part-Time Idol” (2017).
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