What Happened To Drayke Hardman? Who Was Drayke Hardman And What Was The Cause Of His Death?


Who Was Drayke Hardman?

Drayke Hardman was a 12-year-old boy who committed suicide because of bullying. The Internet community was shocked about the news and concerned about his parents. Although what exactly happened to the young boy was not clear. The news has shattered many people’s hearts and many made it clear that bullying needs to be addressed seriously. Drayke Andrew Hardman was a 12 years old little kid who took his own life because of his fellow peer bullying. He was living with his parents and his elder sister who was 16-years-old. According to some sources, Drayke was a lively and entirely energetic kid in his class. His family is completely down and numb after losing their child. Scroll down to learn more about Drayke Hardman. 

What Happened To Drayke Hardman? 

Losing someone is not easy but losing someone who is just 12-years-old who had hopes and dreams about his life is even harder and it cannot be explained. Drayke Hardman was a twelve-year-old boy who took his own life. He was a victim of bullying. Drayke’s mother Samie Hardman posted his photos before his death where he was admitted to a local hospital. The doctors reported him dead the next morning after being admitted to the hospital. Everyone across the Internet community felt bad for the family and once again realized how dangerous bullying could end in. However, what exactly happened to the 12-year-old is not known as of now. So many across the internet community have come together to stand up against Bullying, which may lead to some new revelations on this topic.

What Happened To Drayke Before His Death?

Drayke, 12 committed suicide because of bullying. The news spread like a wildfire through the Internet. Everyone was completely shocked and devastated after hearing the news about the kid on 10th February 2022. Suicide is such a depressing thing and even adults go through so much before considering suicide let alone a 12-year-old kid. Even though the exact information regarding what happened was not available, there were so many things that were reported on Independent. According to the magazine, the parents of the kid were trying to contact Drayke’s school before his tragic death. This happened right after the kid returned home with a black eye earlier that week. On one evening Drayke missed basketball practice on Wednesday, doubting that was unlike him, Drayke’s sister found him attempting suicide and took him to the hospital immediately. But Drayke passed away the next day. 

Drayke Hardman’s Parents

Drayke is a completely anonymous kid for many of us, but everyone was shocked and felt sad for the little one upon hearing the news. The main the kid’s parents went through must be awful and distressing. One post about the kid by his mother went viral and everyone came to know about his parents’ suffering. Hardman’s pledged to fellow parents to look out for the signs of bullying their kids are undergoing. They asked the parents to intervene effectively immediately so that they can prevent further tragedies. Hardman’s post said “This is the result of bullying, my handsome boy was fighting a battle that not even I could save him. It is real, it is silent and there is nothing absolutely nothing as a parent you can do to take this deep hurt away. There are no signs, only hurtful words of others that ultimately stole OUR Drayke from this cruel place. “How does a 12-year-old who was so knowingly fiercely loved by everyone think that life is so hard he needs to take himself from it.” This was the heartbreaking post of the boy’s mother who shattered everyone’s heart. 

Drayke Hardman Memorial

As Drayke’s parents wanted to raise awareness about bullying, they said they would be sharing their child’s story to do so. The parents wanted to show the world how horrific bullying is and they promoted the hashtag #doitfordrayke. They encourage people to be kind to others and be generous whenever they can. Drake’s family and friends have set up a GoFundMe Account, Drayke Hardman Fund Account with the support of Utah Jazz Basketball stars Joe Ingles, Donovan Mitchell, and Rudy Gobert. The page has raised more than $80,000 as of now. 


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