What Happened To Gabby On Chicago Fire? Know Why Did Monica Raymund Leave Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Series

Chicago Fire is a series where firefighters and paramedics collaborate to save lives. They have personal concerns as well, but they put them aside to concentrate on their work. The series was renewed by NBC for a ninth, tenth, and eleventh season on February 27, 2020. On September 22, 2021, the tenth season premiered. Chicago Fire has remained one of NBC’s most popular shows. The show has been a network regular for ten seasons and about 200 episodes. In the past, though, the journey did not work for many of the big casts.

What Happened To Gabby On Chicago Fire?

On the show, Gabby, who was one of the main characters, is seen leaving for Puerto Rico. Monica Raymund, who plays Gabby, stated last year that she would be departing the cast to pursue other opportunities. The actress remarked in an interview with a reputable daily that while having a consistent paycheck for six years was good, leaving the show was something she needed to do.

While she stated that she wanted to expand her acting career, she also stated that she wanted to settle down and make a home in Los Angeles on a personal level. Gabby is poised to return to Chicago Fire for the fall finale after a one-and-a-half-season absence. Though it’s unclear whether her reappearance is a one-time occurrence or not, fans may expect to see her on the show again. She is seen returning to Chicago for her storm relief organization. She visits to pay tribute to a former Firehouse 51 crew member who died tragically, as well as to meet her ex-husband.

Why Did Monica Raymund Leave Chicago Fire?

Raymund was one of five original Chicago Fire series regulars whose initial contracts expired after Season 6, and one of three who had not been approached about signing new deals ahead of time, along with Eamonn Walker and David Eigenberg. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Monica revealed the actual reason she departed the NBC series.

“I’m not sure when it happened, but I was aware that my 6-year contract was coming to an end, and I felt compelled to take on a new role, a new story,” Monica explained. “I wanted to discover a new universe.” I’d been in Chicago for five years and was at a crossroads in my life.”

Where Is Monica Raymund Now?

She went on to work on a television show called Hightown after leaving the show. The show is a crime drama that explores America’s present drug crisis. Monica plays Jackie Quinones, a National Marine Fisheries officer, in the story set on Cape Cod. The entire show is told through Jackie’s perspective, and it revolves around her discovering a corpse while at work.


As the couple Gabby and Casey reunites on the show, Monica told an entertainment website that fans may anticipate some sparks to fly. She went on to explain that Dawson and Casey have a rare type of friendship and a very profound connection and that the love they share will go on forever. She added that this episode of the show should not be missed by viewers. The final episode of the season ended on a cliffhanger. Gabby’s comeback has left admirers wondering if they’ll see her again.


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