What Happened To Jeongyeon Health? Know About Jeongyeons Herniated Disk Surgery

Jeongyeon Health Complications

Twice, the K-pop girl group released their ninth Japanese single called Doughnut, a snow-themed music video. The girl group released their all-new album’s new poster, a digital poster on their social media. But fans were shocked to find out that Jeongyeon was missing from the poster. But earlier to that one of her photos drew attention from fans. The change in the physical appearance of the star raised too many questions. Fans were very well aware of Jeongyeon’s medical issues and the weight gain she had after the issues such as pani, neck pain, and anxiety issues. During this time, she was taking a break from her schedule. Fans quickly came to Jeongyeon’s rescue. Youtuber Lee Jin Ho posted a video about Jeongyeon’s hiatus and her previous weight gain. She was on complete hiatus and also got rid of her world tour. 

What Happened To Jeongyeon Health?

In 2021, JYP Entertainment made an official statement saying that Jeongyeon will not participate in the world tour. She also went on to skip the activities the other two times as well. It was revealed that Jeongyeon was on a hiatus because she underwent a herniated disk surgery on her neck and because of that she halted her activities. It was said that she went on to carry on with the pain. She was admitted to the hospital just a week before Twice’s comeback. At that time she didn’t want to show anyone her pain so she hid it. When she gave her comeback her physical changes were clearly visible and fans wanted to know why Jeongyeon gained weight. Lee Jin Ho said, “She concerned her fans with her weight gain. And while she looked like she could struggle with the choreography due to the state of her body, her passion was unmatched even compared to her other members.” Finally, it was revealed that the singer’s weight gain was after-effects of her surgery. 

Is Jeongyeon Back On Twice?

Jeongyeon is back with her K-pop girl gang. Twice did their US Tour 2022 that started in Inglewood, LA’s ‘the Forum’ that will take place on 15th February at 7: 30 PM ET / 10: 30 PM ET. After taking her hiatus and after so much speculation, Jeongyeon is back again and performed on a tour after a long time. Twice US Tour happened in Los Angeles in-person concert where the singer was seen tear-eyed. She expressed about being on-stage after a long health hiatus. She said, “It’s been a long time since I last participated in a concert. I was actually really nervous and worried prior to the concert. But once I stood on stage I realized everyone really loved me. And once I heard the music I just knew I really, really wanted to participate,” Her other group members hugged her.

Why Did Jeongyeon Take A Break?

Jeogyeon had to take a break from the spotlight and from her group Twice after she faced complications from neck pain. In 2020, Jeogyeon underwent herniated disc surgery. After taking a break after her surgery, Jeogyeon was back again in January 2021. When she came back in so many started to question her weight gain and her change in appearance. Jeogyeon went on a hiatus again in the same year in August. It was reported that she went back because of panic and psychological anxiety.  Jeongyeon won an SBS Entertainment Award under the Newcomer category in 2016. 

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