What Happened With The Russian Figure Skater? Details About Russias Kamila Valieva

What Happened To Russian Figure Skater?

Despite a doping scandal, Kamila Valieva, a 15-year-old Russian figure skater who was controversially allowed to compete in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, failed to medal in the women’s free skate programme despite being the overwhelming favourite. Valieva, who was atop the podium after the short programme on Wednesday, tripped or slipped at least four times during her free skate performance, leaving the Russian with a score of 141.93, putting her in fourth position overall.If Valieva had finished on the podium, there would have been no medal ceremony, according to the prior International Olympic Committee rule that authorised her to compete. The medal presentation, however, took place with Valieva in fourth place, with teammates Anna Shcherbakova and Alexandra Trusova receiving gold and silver, respectively, and Japan’s Kaori Sakamoto taking bronze.

Russian Figure Skater Doping

Despite the failed drug test, the IOC permitted Valieva to compete, which sparked outrage among skaters, including NBC commentators Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. “Seeing her on the Olympic rink right now with all we uncovered over the last week, I didn’t think it was going to happen,” Lipinski said during Valieva’s warmup for her short programme. “And, once again, I don’t believe that should be happening.” Weir simply stated after the sequence, “All I feel like I can say is it was Kamila Valieva’s Olympic short programme… We apologise for overshadowing your Olympics.” “As a skater and a skating fan, I feel so uncomfortable having to remark on her performance simply because she should not be able to compete,” Weir stated, while Lipinski added, “We should not have witnessed her skate.” “It’s just such a black cloud hanging over the whole sport,” said Rippon, a bronze medalist in 2018. “You don’t dope in competitions, and if you’re found with a positive test, you shouldn’t be able to compete.” Everyone knows the rule: “When you come to the Olympics, you’re supposed to play fairly, and if you can’t play fairly, you shouldn’t play at all.” These were the super frstruated reactions of the fellow skaters and skating fans. When there is rule of not allowing the drug skater for a game, she was allowed despite being tested positive. These fuming responses have taken air so much that they didn’t even subside even after the event.


Kamila Valieva Russia’s Youngest Figure Skater

Kamila Valeryevna Valieva was born on  April 26, 2006. She is a Russian figure skater. She is the 2022 European champion, the 2021 Rostelecom Cup champion, the 2021 Skate Canada International champion, the 2022 Russian national champion, and the silver medalist in the 2021 Russian National. She is also a team Olympic champion in 2022. Her participation in the 2022 Winter Olympics created controversy as it was revealed that she had tested positive for trimetazidine, which is prohibited in sports for improving endurance, and two additional medications that are not prohibited.  The anti-doping case opened due to the positive drug test will determine whether Valieva receives any medals from the Beijing Olympics.



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