What services are usually offered by an auto locksmith (car locksmith)?

As a car owner and driver, you must be fully aware of all the things that can go wrong with your car. When things do go wrong, it’s very likely going to happen at the most inopportune time. It will likely inconvenience you and perhaps leave you in a precarious situation. 

Setting aside mechanical problems, the most common issues drivers like you face are issues that involve car keys, locks, fob devices, and electronic security systems. Unless you are a highly-skilled mechanic or progeny, these are not issues you’ll likely be able to handle on your own. If by chance you think you can handle such issues, you would probably run the risk of causing other issues like collateral damage. 

Here’s a thought. If something does go wrong with your car key, a lock, your fob device, or the car’s electronic security system, would you not be better off contacting a professional auto locksmith? If you asked yourself is there a reputable auto locksmith near me, you soon find out there are options at your disposal. 

Assuming you contact a reputable full-service auto locksmith from your area, here are some of the services they should be able to provide on your behalf.

Locksmith Services Related to Car Keys

If it hasn’t happened yet, there will come a time in your life when you will lose your car keys or lock the keys in your car. While it might be a little stressful and perhaps a little embarrassing, they is no need to panic. 


With one call to a reputable and professional locksmith, you’ll find that a well-trained locksmith technician can resolve your car key issues a lot quicker than you might imagine. Here is a list of locksmith services that target car keys:

  • Car lockout service when keys are lost or locked in the car/trunk
  • Remove a jammed key from a lock
  • Cut duplicate or replacement keys (with or without the original key)

Note: If you need a key cut and you don’t have the original key, you might have to provide identity and car ownership documentation. 

Locksmith Services Related to Car/Trunk Locks

If your issue or issues relates to your car or trunk locks, an experienced locksmith technician will have the knowledge and tools to address such problems. 

If the issue relates to a lock that breaks or malfunctions, a locksmith will have a couple of viable options. If the issue can be repaired, they can repair pretty much any car or trunk lock. This would likely be the preferred option because of the lower costs. If a lock is beyond repair, they will be able to replace the broken lock as well as the rest of the locks around the car. 

If by chance you lost your keys and would feel better with a lock change, a locksmith technician can simply rekey the existing locks and give you new keys.

Locksmith Services Related to Car Key Fob Devices

Over the last 20 years, most car manufacturers have resorted to car key fob devices for car entry and to start ignitions. While fob devices offer an extra layer of security, they are equally susceptible to breaking or getting lost. Should an issue arise with your fob device, there are several ways a locksmith can help resolve your issue. 

First, the right solution might be something as simple as replacing your fob device’s battery. It’s not often that any of us think about the fact fob devices require batteries, which are subject to running out of juice. 

If the issue revolves around the device’s ability to function as intended, the fob device could require repair. If repairing is not a viable solution, locksmiths have access to new fob devices. They also purchase access to software programs that will allow them to program new fob devices and reprogram existing devices. That would include having the ability to wipe out the old radio codes used by previous fob devices. 

Locksmith Services Related to Car Electronic Security Systems

Separate from the security provided by fob devices, most late model cars come with an electronic security system. Yes, these electronic security systems are subject to breaking or malfunctioning. 

Mist auto locksmith technicians have been trained to test and repair car electronic security systems. That includes them having the training and tools needed to reprogram the car’s onboard computer. If you would be interested in installing a new state-of-the-art electronic security system, you can find locksmith technicians that can do such installations. 

To be very clear, most professional auto locksmiths can provide a full range of auto locksmith services with no regard for a car’s year, make, and model. That includes early model cars that date back as far as the 1950s. 

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