When Flowers Bloom I Think of The Moon (2021) Cast & Summary

“When Flowers Bloom I Think Of The Moon” is a historical drama of KBS. It is part of the few historical dramas of 2021.

The production team is currently casting the lead actors. Yoo SeungHo and HyeRi are currently in talks for the lead role.

Yoo SeungHo is an actor recognized for his perfect acting skills. He previously starred in a lot of dramas including “I Miss You”, “Remember, War of the Son”, “I’m Not a Robot”, “My Strange Hero”, and “Memorist” along with the historical dramas “Warrior Baek DongSoo” and “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask”.

Acting-dol HyeRi has been acting in a lot of lead roles too including “Reply 1988”, “Two Cops”, “Miss Lee”, and the upcoming “My Roommate is a Gumiho”. It would be her first historical drama but she previously acted in the historical movie “Monstrum” in 2018.

The director Hwang InHyuk previously worked on “Empress Cheonchu”, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, “Doctor Prisoner”, and more.

When Flowers Bloom I Think of The Moon (2021)


  • Title: When Flowers Bloom I Think of The Moon / kkot pimyeon dal saenggakhago / 꽃 피면 달 생각하고
  • Director: Hwang InHyuk
  • Writer: –
  • Network: KBS
  • Runtime: Second half of 2021
  • # of Episodes: –
  • Genre: Historical, Comedy, Romance
  • Language: Korean


It tells the story of three people who can ruin each other’s lives because they keep on bumping into each other in front of the secret liquor warehouse during the prohibition law in Joseon: an inspector who came to Seoul to achieve fame and prestige to restore his family’s name, a poor noblewoman who started to brew alcohol to pay back her debt and the crown prince who keeps on going over the wall to have a drink.

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Yoo SeungHo (in talks) as Nam Young

Nam Young is handsome and talented. He is a popular inspector who came to Seoul to achieve fame and prestige to restore his family’s name. Many girls like Nam Young but he is only interested in books.

HyeRi (in talks) as Kang RoSeo

Even in poor clothes, she can’t hide her cuteness. She grew up as the precious daughter of a noble family but that only until she was 13-year-old. She ran here and there to pay for her mother’s medicine and her brother’s books. But, the family finance is doing terribly. Because of all the work she has been doing, she is physically strong.

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