When is Little Nightmares 3 Coming Out? Little Nightmares 3 Release Date, Characters, Triler, Demo

Little Nightmares 3

Fans of the spine-tingling and visually stunning Little Nightmares series have reason to rejoice, as the franchise has undergone an exciting transition. Supermassive Games, renowned for their work on titles like Until Dawn and The Quarry, has taken the reins of this beloved horror platformer series. With the promise of a third installment in development, there’s a new nightmare on the horizon that is sure to captivate both veterans of the series and newcomers to its dark and eerie world.

The original Little Nightmares, released in 2018, achieved a perfect balance of simplicity and effectiveness in the horror genre. Players were thrust into the unsettling world of Six, a small raincoat-wearing protagonist navigating through a nightmarish setting. The game’s ability to evoke a sense of creeping dread without relying on excessive gore or jump scares was a testament to its atmospheric brilliance. It was a world from which players couldn’t tear their eyes away, even as it sent shivers down their spines.

The sequel, Little Nightmares II, continued to push the boundaries of this eerie universe in 2020. This time, players embarked on a disturbing yet beautifully crafted journey as Mono, a new character. The game expanded on the series’ lore and delivered even more unsettling encounters, all while maintaining the signature art style that made the franchise stand out. It was a testament to the developers’ ability to weave a haunting narrative with captivating visuals.

Now, with Supermassive Games at the helm, fans can look forward to a third installment in the Little Nightmares series. The studio’s pedigree in crafting narrative-driven horror experiences, as seen in Until Dawn, is a promising sign that the franchise is in capable hands. While details about the game remain shrouded in mystery, one can only imagine the nightmares that await players in this next chapter.

What makes the Little Nightmares series exceptional is its ability to instill fear through environmental storytelling, unsettling character design, and a sense of vulnerability. It’s a world where the line between innocence and horror is blurred, and every shadow could conceal a lurking terror. With Supermassive Games’ reputation for creating emotionally charged and chilling narratives, the future of Little Nightmares looks both promising and dread-inducing.

When is Little Nightmares 3 Coming Out?

Excitement reached a fever pitch among fans of the Little Nightmares series when the third installment was officially announced at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live event. Building upon the rich narrative and compelling gameplay of its predecessors, Little Nightmares 3 is poised to take players on another nightmarish adventure into the unknown. However, as eager as fans are to plunge back into this eerie universe, the release window comes with a touch of anticipation.


The game’s release window has been set for 2024, and while this news is certainly cause for celebration, it also leaves fans with a rather large question mark regarding the specific launch date. Will it arrive just after the holiday season, bringing a dark and chilling gift to players? Or will we have to wait until Halloween 2024, when the veil between our world and the realm of nightmares is at its thinnest?


The uncertainty of the release date might test the patience of devoted fans, but there’s a silver lining to this waiting game. It’s a clear indication that Supermassive Games is committed to delivering a polished and perfected product. In the world of game development, giving developers the time they need to get it right is always a good sign.

Little Nightmares has always thrived on attention to detail, atmospheric storytelling, and immersive horror experiences. By allowing Supermassive Games the space and time to craft the most chilling and captivating entry in the series yet, fans can rest assured that Little Nightmares 3 will be worth the wait.


Little Nightmares 3 Release Date

As fans of the hauntingly captivating Little Nightmares series eagerly await the next installment, Little Nightmares 3, one question remains at the forefront of their minds: When will it be released? Unfortunately, the exact release date for this highly anticipated game is still shrouded in mystery, with the only known information being that it will emerge from the shadows sometime in 2024.

The lack of a specific release date might leave fans feeling both excited and anxious. On one hand, the announcement of the game’s impending arrival in 2024 is cause for celebration. It confirms that the nightmarish journey will continue and that players can look forward to another dose of spine-tingling horror. On the other hand, the absence of a precise date on the calendar leaves them in suspense, wondering when they can once again immerse themselves in the unsettling world of Little Nightmares.

This uncertainty, however, is not necessarily a cause for concern. In the world of game development, it’s a common practice to provide a broad release window when a project is still in progress. This allows developers, in this case, the talented team at Supermassive Games, the time they need to fine-tune every aspect of the game. The goal is to ensure that when Little Nightmares 3 finally does emerge, it will be a polished, immersive, and unforgettable experience that lives up to the high standards set by its predecessors.

Little Nightmares 3 Characters

In the much-anticipated Little Nightmares 3, players will be introduced to two entirely new and intriguing characters, Alone and Low. These characters have already sparked a great deal of interest due to their unique and somewhat unsettling appearances, adding to the game’s reputation as one of the creepiest in the market.

Alone, one of the playable characters, has been confirmed to be a girl. What immediately catches the eye is her disturbing mask, which bears a striking resemblance to those typically worn by horses. This eerie black mask conceals her face, adding an air of mystery and discomfort. On top of her head, two bright orange pigtails stick out, creating a stark contrast with the darkness of her mask. In her hand, she wields a silver wrench, suggesting that she may play a crucial role in solving puzzles and navigating the game’s eerie world.

Low, Alone’s counterpart, sports a distinct and equally unsettling look. He wears a mask reminiscent of a plague doctor, complete with a curved beak and raven-like attributes. What’s particularly intriguing is that Low is seen with both white and black masks at different points in the trailer, hinting at the possibility of customizable attire for the characters. This opens up exciting possibilities for players to personalize their protagonists, a feature that has been a part of the series’ charm in previous games.

Customization has been a key aspect of the Little Nightmares series, with players having the opportunity to acquire masks and headgear through various means, including solving puzzles. However, the potential for expanded customization in Little Nightmares 3 is a welcome idea. With the growing popularity of the franchise for its story and multiplayer features, offering a wider range of designs for individual expression, and possibly even full-body outfits, could enhance the player experience.

The addition of customizable clothing options, whether matching outfits for cooperative play or distinct looks for Alone and Low, could add a layer of personalization to the game that fans would appreciate. While it’s uncertain whether Little Nightmares 3 will indeed include more customization options, the prospect is exciting for those eager to explore the nightmarish world of the game.

Little Nightmares 3 Trailer


Little Nightmares 3 Demo

The gameplay demo of Little Nightmares 3 offers an intriguing sneak peek into the eerie and desolate world of the Necropolis, a haunting desert biome characterized by limited visibility and an overwhelming sense of despair. Producer Coralie Feniello aptly describes it as “a city of eternal energy and certain death,” setting the tone for what promises to be a harrowing adventure.

As players guide the two protagonists, Low and Alone, through this grim landscape, the absence of music and the presence of foreboding soundscapes create an atmosphere that feels devoid of hope and vibrant life. The Necropolis seems like a place where every step is fraught with danger, and the unknown lurks around every corner.

One of the standout features of this installment is the cooperative play, which is integrated seamlessly into the gameplay. Low and Alone must rely on each other to navigate the treacherous terrain and solve intricate puzzles. Their distinct weapons, a wrench for Alone and a bow for Low, not only reflect their unique characters but also provide different ways to open up new paths, adding depth and variety to the gameplay.

In one striking example of cooperation, Alone must manipulate a mechanism to extend a bridge, while Low shoots the counterweight with his bow to lock the bridge in place, highlighting the importance of teamwork in overcoming obstacles. The ability for the characters to call out and gesture to one another offers a clever solution for communication, eliminating the need for voice chat in this cooperative title.

The demo introduces players to the unsettling Residents of Little Nightmares III, specifically the enigmatic Monster Baby. This towering, grotesque creature adds a new layer of terror to the gameplay, as Low and Alone must navigate their way past its menacing presence. The use of a stone gaze and the constant threat of being caught in its view create a palpable sense of tension and danger.

The gameplay demo provides a glimpse of the game’s progression, from the dimly lit catacombs of the Necropolis to the above-ground portions of the city, where Monster Baby’s relentless pursuit keeps players on edge. As the demo draws to a close, the imminent danger of the giant hand reaching for our protagonists leaves us hanging in suspense, eager to dive deeper into the mysteries and horrors of Little Nightmares 3.

With its captivating blend of cooperative gameplay, intricate puzzles, and a chilling atmosphere, Little Nightmares 3 appears poised to deliver another unforgettable and spine-tingling adventure for fans of the series. As the demo tantalizingly hints, the nightmares have only just begun, and players can expect to be drawn further into the nightmarish world of the Necropolis when the full game is released.

Little Nightmares 3 Platforms

Excitement for Little Nightmares 3 is reaching a fever pitch, and one piece of news that’s sure to please fans is the wide range of gaming platforms it will be available on. This upcoming installment of the spine-tingling series is set to launch on an impressive array of platforms, ensuring that gamers of all preferences can immerse themselves in its nightmarish world.

When Little Nightmares 3 arrives, it will be accessible to players on the following platforms:

PlayStation 4

For those loyal to Sony’s previous-generation console, the game will be available on the PS4, allowing players to continue their journey through the eerie landscapes.

PlayStation 5

Owners of Sony’s latest gaming powerhouse, the PS5, can rest assured that they won’t be left out of the terrifying adventure. Little Nightmares 3 will be optimized for the next generation of gaming.

Xbox Series

Players on the Xbox Series X and Series S will also have the opportunity to experience the horrors of Little Nightmares 3, taking full advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft’s new consoles.

Xbox One

The game will be accessible on the Xbox One, ensuring that a wide range of Xbox users can join in on the unsettling journey.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch players won’t miss out on the spine-chilling action, as the game will be available on this popular handheld and console hybrid.


PC gamers can rejoice, as Little Nightmares 3 will be available on the PC platform, allowing for a different kind of immersive experience on the computer.

This wide accessibility to various gaming platforms is a testament to the developers’ commitment to ensuring that as many players as possible can enjoy the Little Nightmares series. Whether you prefer the cozy atmosphere of console gaming, the portability of the Switch, or the flexibility of PC gaming, there’s a platform for everyone to venture into the dark and unsettling world of Little Nightmares 3.

As the release date draws nearer, fans can look forward to experiencing the horrors and mysteries of the game on their platform of choice, knowing that the nightmares await, no matter where they choose to play.

Little Nightmares 3 Story and Gameplay

The eagerly anticipated Little Nightmares 3 promises to continue the spine-chilling tradition of its predecessors, with a gameplay style that fans have grown to love. Like the previous two games, players will once again find themselves exploring a 2.5-dimensional world, navigating through side-scrolling levels that are brimming with atmospheric dread and disturbing beauty. However, this time, there’s a twist that adds a new layer of intrigue and perhaps a glimmer of comfort: the introduction of a co-op mode.

For the first time in the series, players will have the option to venture into the eerie darkness with a friend or companion, ensuring that they won’t have to face their fears alone. This co-op feature adds an exciting dimension to the gameplay, as players can work together to solve puzzles, overcome challenges, and delve deeper into the mysteries of the Little Nightmares universe.

The story of Little Nightmares 3 accommodates this co-op format by introducing two protagonists, Low and Alone, whose names hint at intriguing possibilities. While the meaning behind their names remains a tantalizing mystery, it’s safe to assume that these characters will play pivotal roles in the unfolding narrative. For those who prefer to embark on this harrowing journey solo, one of these protagonists will be controlled by an AI, ensuring that the experience remains accessible and immersive whether you choose to brave the nightmares alone or with a friend.

Little Nightmares has always excelled in telling its story through environmental storytelling and minimal dialogue, allowing players to piece together the narrative as they progress. With the introduction of co-op gameplay and two protagonists, the potential for a layered and emotionally charged storyline is greater than ever. Players can expect to uncover secrets and confront the horrors of this dark and enigmatic world while forging a unique connection with their chosen protagonist.


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