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When will ‘Dynasty’ Season 5 be on Netflix? Not Until Late 2022

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Dynasty – Picture: The CW

Four seasons of Dynasty are now on Netflix in every region of the world meaning you’ve got 86 episodes to binge through but of course, we want more! Season 5 of Dynasty began airing on the US network The CW back in December and will be coming to Netflix around the world in 2022. When will season 5 be on Netflix where you live? Let’s take a look.

The reboot of the 1980s soap opera first debuted on our screens back in October 2017 and will soon be going into its fifth season. Dynasty was renewed for a fifth season back in February 2021 and will likely once again consist of 22 episodes.

Never caught the series before? Here’s what you can expect:

“The Carringtons and the Colbys feud for control over their fortune — and their children — in this updated reboot of the classic prime-time soap.”


When will Season 5 of Dynasty be on The CW?

As we mentioned above, the series has not returned to its regular October release slot as it did for seasons 1 through 3.

Season 4 was massively delayed due to the pandemic and didn’t begin to air until May 2021. As a result, The CW didn’t begin airing on The CW until December 20th, 2021. Even then, it was only for two Christmas episodes.

The remaining 20 episodes of season 5 will begin airing starting on March 11th, 2022.

Filming, according to FindFilmWork from BTL, began on October 22nd, 2021 and is scheduled to wrap in August 2022.

There will be 22 episodes in season 5 according to Robert C. Riley.

When will Dynasty Season 5 be on Netflix in the United States?

In the US, The CW shows have traditionally come to Netflix around 8 days after their finale airs. That was not the case for many titles from The CW in 2021 given delays in production.

With that production hopefully back on track, we should see Dynasty season 5 on Netflix US around a week and a bit after the series wraps up.

Given the filming schedule doesn’t even conclude until late summer in 2022, we’re not expecting season 5 of Dynasty to be available on Netflix until September or October 2022 at the absolute earliest.

Dynasty – Picture: The CW

When will Dynasty Season 5 be on Netflix Internationally?

So when will Dynasty season 5 be on Netflix in places like Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, or Latin America?

Despite seasons 1 and 2 of Dynasty coming to Netflix weekly, that’s not happened with any season since season 3 despite the show still continuing to carry Netflix Original branding.

Instead, Netflix internationally has received Dynasty around the same time as the United States. In fact, season 4 dropped simultaneously around the globe including the US.

That means those outside the US won’t be able to watch Dynasty season 5 until at least September or October 2022.

Are you looking forward to season 5 of Dynasty coming to Netflix?

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