Where To Find Qingxin Flowers In Genshin Impact? Qingxin Flowers Genshin Impact Location

Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact series, a role-playing action game, was released by Chinese developer miHoYo in 2020. The game has an open-world anime-style landscape, as well as an action-based battle system that includes elemental magic and character transformation. The game is free to play, but there are gacha gaming aspects that allow users to buy new characters, weapons, and other items. The Genshin Impact game will take place in the fictional Teyvat, which is home to seven unique nations, each of which is associated with a different element and ruled by a different god. The Traveler, a twin who has travelled through many worlds with their twin sibling until they are separated in Teyvat, is the novel’s protagonist.

What Is Qingxin Flower In Genshin Impact?

For Xiao, Ganyu, and, as of the 2.4 version upgrade, Shenhe, Qingxin Flower is primarily employed as an Ascension material. You’ll need a lot of them, but while the blossoms are uncommon, Liyue has lots of places to find them. Tianshu Meat, for example, calls for Qingxin Flower. To get the recipe, you’ll need to attain Liyue’s reputation level 7, but it’s well worth the effort. For 300 seconds, the dish increases your party’s physical damage by 30% and critical hit rate by 8%.

Qingxin Flowers Genshin Impact Location!

Qingxin Genshin Impact is a plant that grows in dense areas all across Liyue. Guyun Forest and Jueyun Karst are the best sites to look for Qingxin. However, the Genshin Impact Interactive map has more spots where you can grow these blooms. They’re actually a lot more plentiful than the participants had anticipated.

Where To Find Qingxin Flowers In Genshin Impact?

In Liyue, Qingxin Flower grows at higher heights, but they’re most common in Wuwang Hill and the areas surrounding Qingyun Peak, such as Jueyun Karst and the hills north of Cuije Slope. Gui in Bubu Pharmacy also sells a limited quantity of Qingxin Flower. If you have the Luxuriant Glebe, you can also farm Qingxin Flower in the Serenitea Pot. You’ll gain the seed harvesting gadget if you reach Inazuma reputation tier three, and you’ll be able to convert Qingxin Flowers into seeds for planting.

  • Wuwang Hill

  • Lingju Pass

  • Mt. Aozang

  • Mt. Hulu

  • Qingyun Peak

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Genshin Impact- Game Overview!!

Genre Action Role-Playing
Developers miHoYo
Publishers miHoYo
Composers Yu-Peng Chen
Engine Unity
Platforms Android, iOS

Microsoft Windows

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 5

Nintendo Switch

Release Android, iOS, Windows, PS4- September 28, 2020 PlayStation 5- April 28, 2021, Nintendo Switch- TBA
Mode Single Player, Multiplayer
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