Which Character Are You, Based mostly On Your Zodiac Signal?

Halo is completely chock filled with iconic places and worldbuilding that make Grasp Chief’s world so interesting. It was because of this that it obtained a lately wrapped tv adaptation. It is filled with interesting characters that followers have come to like over time that they have been completely satisfied to see play out in a present format.

These characters have been pillars of Xbox’s gaming world for twenty years now. Followers search for each alternative to get nearer to their favourite characters and by sharing a Zodiac signal you’ll be able to inform a lot about an individual, together with which character within the franchise they most bear a resemblance to.


12 Aries – Grasp Chief

Halo Infinite Master Chief Campaign Trailer

Aries are the pure leaders of the Zodiac. They’re brave and powerful with dedication to get via. So clearly, there are connections to be drawn to the sequence protagonist, Grasp Chief. Petty Officer John-117 leads the cost towards the Covenant and Flood in virtually each Halo title, embodying the management qualities of an Aries.

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Befitting the house marine archetype, Chief embodies Aries’ confidence, bravery, and dedication.  It’s a testomony to his Aries spirit that he additionally turned out so sincere given his backstory as an unlawful navy experiment.  Plus, Aries additionally love their snug outfits and Chief is unquestionably identified for his.

11 Taurus – Cortana

Halo Game Cortana 2

The perennial sidekick to Grasp Chief is Cortana, even when they’ve drifted aside. She was created by scanning the mind of Dr. Catherine Halsey, however that being stated, her affected person demeanor is noticeably completely different than her colder creator. Within the unique trilogy, her reliability as an AI assistant makes her an important Taurus companion.

Chief is an inexpensive member of the navy, however even he has a extra level-headed counterpart in Cortana. She ceaselessly serves because the resourceful one between the 2 of them. In fact, Taurus can be possessive and cussed alluding to her position as a villain in Halo 5 and Infinite.

10 Gemini – Gravemind

Among the best first-person shooter villains in gaming is the Gravemind. Launched in Halo 2 as a soft-spoken however intimidating power behind the Flood and stays one of many sequence’ most enigmatic characters. Gemini is a chatty signal that hates being alone and because the final hivemind and fairly a talker itself, the Gravemind suits the invoice.

Gemini is an indication representing multitudes, and the Gravemind is that actually and figuratively. Becoming of its hive thoughts nature it may be taught and adapt rapidly. It additionally has an appreciation for tradition, given its light and poet-like demeanor.

9 Most cancers – 343 Responsible Spark

343 Guilty Spark, an AI custodian for the Halo Rings

Cancers are tenacious and constant, retaining dedicated to their duties and targets for a very long time. Whereas they’ll typically be moody, they’re altogether fairly nice people. 343 Responsible Spark is the pc accountable for monitoring the Halo weapon; he is technically a villain however finally ends up hanging round Grasp Chief anyway.

He is been monitoring the Halo rings for hundreds of years. This exhibits his Most cancers-like dedication to his mission and programming. Moreover, he usually thinks about his scenario with an intuitive sense of sentimentality. However he additionally embodies Most cancers’s pessimistic and suspicious traits, particularly after going rampant in Halo 3.

8 Leo – Arbiter

Is The Arbiter In Halo Infinite

Arbiter is one in all Halo’s most beloved fan-favorite characters and Thel ‘Vadam is without doubt one of the Covenant’s most vital navy leaders. His relationship with the Chief is breathtaking as he turns into extra pleasant over the sequence. At his core, although he is a strong Leo.

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Leos are identified for being pure leaders and the Arbiter is not any exception. Sadly, he additionally has a hatred of people on first assembly which causes different Leo traits like conceitedness and self-centeredness to return out. However by the top of the trilogy, Leo’s kindness is proven as he involves respect people.

7 Virgo – Jacob Keyes

General Keyes from Halo looking over a lighted display.

It is fairly stunning that Jacob Keyes ended up being such a beloved Halo character. Within the unique recreation, he amounted to nothing greater than a key in admittedly one in all Halo‘s greatest ranges. Captain Keyes is a wonderful commander although and his potential to maintain a cool head may be very Virgo-like.

He is undoubtedly an “all work and no play” sort of Virgo. We do not see him very shut along with his household till the TV present as he is principally centered totally on the mission, and devoted to maintain his solders secure. This Virgo labored exhausting for it too, working machines he did not know the right way to use.

6 Libra – Miranda Keyes

Halo Miranda Keyes

The Libra daughter of Keyes has surpassed him, having reached the rank of commander. She’s nonetheless a tricky buyer although, however much more strategic. Libra is understood for being an indication of a eager thoughts. Keyes has all of the power of her father and the intelligence of her mom, Catherine Halsey.

Libra can be identified for being diplomatic. She suits that when she makes an unthinkable alliance with the Arbiter that paid off, and when she finally ends up being top-of-the-line officers within the UNSC. Sadly, she additionally avoids her issues like Libra are inclined to, and holds a grudge towards her mom for all times.

5 Scorpio – The Rookie

Regardless of having the nickname of “The Rookie,” John Doherty is a tricky buyer. He is a member of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, which implies he is not cybernetically augmented. This resourcefulness and energy mark him as a Scorpio. It is his adventures in Halo 3: ODST that seals the deal, although.

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The tone of his journey is definitely a thriller. His hypersomnia leaves him alone as he should piece collectively what occurred to his squad and get revenge. This pursuit of the reality may be very Scorpio. Scorpio additionally has an archetype known as “Lethal Warrior” which properly describes this one-man military.

4 Sagittarius – Avery Johnson

Sergeant Avery Johnson smokes a cigar in Halo 2 Anniversary

Sergeant Main Avery Johnson debuted within the first Halo recreation however grew in prominence within the sequels. He is a basic character and one in all Grasp Chief’s largest allies. Sagittarius does have good compatibility with Aries, in spite of everything. Additionally they have an important humorousness.

Johnson’s memorable traces are what made him stand out. He isn’t simply comedian aid although, as he seeks honor all through the video games, and this optimism leads him to problem himself. Sagittarius can be the traveler of the Zodiac, and with fifty years of service, Johnson has been round.

3 Capricorn – Rtas ‘Vadum

Second in command to Arbiter within the Covenant Elites is Rtas ‘Vadum. Within the Sangheili, he holds the rank of Shipmaster and has greater than earned it. His ability with the power sword, one in all Halo‘s most iconic weapons, can’t be understated. Regardless of being such a tank, he is an inexpensive Capricorn.

Capricorns are outlined by duty. Rtas tolerated humanity even earlier than Arbiter did. They’re additionally expert managers who can multitask but are uncompromising. He manages all the Covenant fleet himself and his progressivism shouldn’t be mistaken for softness, as he is a proud warrior.

2 Aquarius – Noble Six

Halo Reach

Noble Six is the participant character in Halo: Attain. This recreation is usually considered one of the best Halo because of the Era III Spartan solid. All that begins with the participant’s Spartan B312m although, they stand out as being customizable and match the signal identified for standing out.

Aquarius could be a lone wolf with an inclination to be aloof and temperamental.  This suits Noble Six, who isn’t as a lot of a group participant as Grasp Chief. Nonetheless, they do even have a robust perception in causes and dangers. That is exemplified by Noble Six’s final mission, the place they battle their hardest.

1 Pisces – Thomas Lasky

Captain Lasky observes a halo ring

Pisces is the ultimate signal within the Zodiac and represents a heretofore unseen gentleness. Thomas Lasky seems solely within the second Halo trilogy and is surprisingly variety. Regardless of being a navy youngster, he has excessive requirements of morality. His compassion is exclusive amongst quite a lot of Grasp Chief’s handlers.

The Pisces’ need for belief manifests in a novel method. He has greater than a little bit of hero worship for John-117. A part of that is because of the cruelty he suffered up to now, as Thomas and Pisces abhor any cruelty. Anyway, Lasky slowly comes into his personal because the sequence progresses, and as Pisces symbolizes new beginnings, followers hope he’ll be capable of deliver the UNSC into a brand new period as properly.

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