Who Are The ClanDestines? Ms. Marvel’s Djinn Defined

Warning: SPOILERS for Ms. Marvel episode 3.

Ms. Marvel episode 3 confirmed as soon as and for all that Kamala Khan is just not an Inhuman, as within the comics, however one of many ClanDestine, Marvel’s model of the Djinn. Even earlier than Ms. Marvel premiered, it was made clear that sure elementary elements of Kamala Khan’s (Iman Vellani) story can be modified for the live-action MCU present. The primary and most notable of those adjustments was to Ms. Marvel’s superhero origin and powers, which have been modified from her “embiggen” morphing talents within the comics to powers primarily based extra on cosmic vitality.

However the different greatest query surrounding Kamala’s origins as Ms. Marvel was whether or not or not she’d be an Inhuman as she is within the comics. Because the failure of the Inhumans TV present, Marvel has labored to bury the Inhumans within the MCU, clearly hoping audiences do not keep in mind the present. Lately, Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity went a step additional, bringing again Anson Mount’s Inhuman chief Black Bolt and promptly killing him in a grotesque and darkly hilarious style.


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Ms. Marvel episode 3 lastly confirmed as soon as and for all that Kamala/Ms. Marvel is just not an Inhuman, or perhaps a Nuhuman, however one of many ClanDestine. It provides a brand-new dimension to Kamala’s origins, an MCU origin that is arguably much more becoming than within the comics. Her culturally applicable new backstory as one in every of Clan Destine now has sturdy ties to Kamala Khan’s Muslim religion and Pakistani heritage. Listed below are Ms. Marvel‘s ClanDestines defined.

Marvel’s Djinn Comics Origin & Powers

Within the comics, the ClanDestine, the appellation given to Clan Destine, are the descendants of Adam of Destine and the Djinn Elalyth. Adam lived within the 1100s, and when he was 16 years outdated, he skilled a near-fatal accident. Nonetheless, as he lay near demise, he had a imaginative and prescient of an odd, stunning lady calling to him. Years later, after having fought within the Crusades, Adam was tasked with preventing and killing the evil wizard Sujanaa min Raghbah. Sujanaa had a mystical gem that granted him monumental powers and fulfilled all his needs. Nonetheless, when Adam and Sujanaa fought, the gem refused to answer Sujanaa’s instructions. In the course of the struggle, the gem was damaged, and from it emerged the identical lady Adam had seen in his desires. She defined she was a genie named Elalyth, and, after destroying her captor, she granted Adam immortality. The 2 developed an unbreakable bond and have become lovers.

Ultimately, that they had kids, and people kids and their descendants grew to become generally known as Destines, or Clan Destine. Due to being human-Djinn hybrids, the ClanDestines gained the superpowers of Djinn and they’re quasi-immortal. The powers of the Djinn in Marvel comics should not well-defined, however they’ve immortality and huge magical powers. This manifests in numerous methods with varied members of Clan Destine; Adam, for instance, can’t be harmed by any weapon or assault, together with psychic assaults, whereas one in every of their sons, Albert, has the power to heal others.

Why Ms. Marvel Adjustments The Clan Destine So A lot

Ms Marvel Discussion Clandestines

As with Kamala’s powers, Ms. Marvel significantly adjustments Clan Destine from the comics. As a substitute of being a mystical, however very a lot Earth-born race, as within the comics, the Djinn of Ms. Marvel are extra akin to how Thor, Loki, and the Eternals match into the MCU. Of their circumstances, they’re races from one other realm or planet, and their interactions with humankind over the years have led to the creation of a number of mythologies. On this case, ClanDestines have seemingly grow to be the idea for the Djinn fantasy. It is unclear if ClanDestines had visited Earth earlier than the Forties flashback seen in Ms. Marvel episode 3, or in that case, for a way lengthy had they been visiting. Seeing as how they’re known as the Djinn, it might seem they have been round for fairly a very long time. Not solely that, however they’re making an attempt to get again to their very own realm, the Noor Dimension, which doesn’t exist in Marvel comics.

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The adjustments make sense, nonetheless. Maintaining to the Clan Destine origins of the comics would have created lots of the similar issues that the introduction of the Eternals did: Specifically, if these superpowered creatures had been dwelling on Earth for millennia, why have not they gotten concerned with humanity? Altering their backstory in order that they’re from one other dimension however solely grew to become trapped on Earth comparatively not too long ago (in concept) negates the necessity to clarify the place they have been and why humanity hasn’t recognized of them.

Altering the ClanDestines to be from one other dimension, and linked to cosmic vitality, additionally brings Ms. Marvel extra in step with the remainder of the MCU. That is particularly vital contemplating that in Kamala’s subsequent journey, The Marvels, Ms. Marvel will likely be teamed up with two cosmically-powered superheroes in Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau. Her powers being of the identical elementary cosmic origin as theirs makes for a lot smoother storytelling.

Even when Marvel hadn’t modified up the ClanDestines’ origins and backstory for Ms. Marvel, it was sensible to alter Kamala’s personal origins from Inhuman to ClanDestine. Contemplating their deep ties to British Occupied India (now Pakistan) and the Djinn’s affect on Islamic tradition, it is a much more becoming background for Kamala. Ms. Marvel has carried out a implausible job of honoring Kamala Khan’s Muslim religion and her Pakistani heritage. Making her one in every of Clan Destine, nonetheless, goes one step additional in honoring Kamala’s roots in a extremely intelligent approach.

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