Who is Ashley Brewer Engaged to? Is Ashley Brewer Married?

Who is Ashley Brewer?

Ashley Brewer is a highly regarded sports anchor and reporter, gaining prominence through her association with ESPN. Her career has seen her take on various significant roles within the sports broadcasting industry. One of her notable achievements was being selected as one of the hosts for The Replay on Quibi, demonstrating her talent and expertise in delivering sports news and analysis.

Brewer’s contributions extend beyond The Replay, as she has also been part of the rotation of SportsCenter, a flagship program of ESPN. This further solidifies her reputation as a trusted and respected voice in the world of sports journalism.

In 2021, Brewer’s career reached another milestone when she was appointed as a co-host on SportsNation, a popular show that airs on ESPN+. This opportunity allowed her to engage with viewers on a more interactive platform, discussing trending sports topics, conducting interviews, and providing insightful commentary alongside her fellow co-hosts.

Originally hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Brewer has a deep connection to her hometown. It was there that she was born and raised, shaping her passion for sports and likely influencing her decision to pursue a career in sports broadcasting.


Who is Ashley Brewer Engaged to? 

Ashley Brewer is engaged to NBA player Frank Kaminsky. The couple met in 2017 and their relationship has grown stronger over time. Kaminsky, a former standout center for the University of Wisconsin, has played for several NBA teams, including the Charlotte Hornets, Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks, and Houston Rockets. Despite facing injuries in recent seasons, Kaminsky remains a talented player.


The couple’s love and admiration for each other are evident, with Kaminsky describing Brewer as “amazing” and the best person he has ever met. Their engagement took place in September 2022 during a trip to Hawaii, and they are now eagerly preparing to celebrate their wedding.




Is Ashley Brewer Married?

Yes, Ashley Brewer is married to NBA player Frank Kaminsky. They officially tied the knot in April at a courthouse in Los Angeles. However, they have decided to have a wedding celebration in Mexico to commemorate their union with friends and family.

The couple’s wedding ceremony is taking place shortly after Brewer faced a layoff from ESPN, adding a mix of emotions to this significant life event. Despite the challenges, Brewer remains in good spirits and is looking forward to celebrating their marriage once again in the presence of loved ones.

Ashley Brewer Fiance

Ashley Brewer’s fiancé is Frank Kaminsky, an NBA player known for his time with various teams, including the Charlotte Hornets, Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks, and Houston Rockets. Kaminsky, a former standout center for the University of Wisconsin, has had a successful basketball career.

He proposed to Brewer in Maui in 2021, and they have been building a strong bond ever since. Kaminsky speaks highly of Brewer, describing her as the best thing that has ever happened to him. Their love and compatibility have been evident throughout their relationship, and they are now eagerly preparing for their wedding celebration in Mexico.


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