Who is Ben Dunne Wife Mary? Who was Ben Dunne?

Who is Ben Dunne Wife Mary?

Ben Dunne’s wife, Mary, is surviving him along with their four children. Born on March 11, 1949, in County Cork, Ben Dunne was a former director of Dunnes Stores, co-founded with his father. His prominent role in the grocery chain ended due to controversies, including payments to politicians, leading to his resignation.

Despite personal and professional challenges, Dunne transitioned to founding Ben Dunne Gyms. The news of his death in Dubai has sparked curiosity about Mary, his lifelong companion. The couple had three sons – Robert, Nicholas, Mark – and a daughter, Caroline.

Mary, now facing the loss of her husband, remains a pillar in the Dunne family. Ben’s life, marked by business success, personal struggles, and controversies, leaves a complex legacy that includes not only his contributions to Dunnes Stores but also his later endeavors in the fitness industry.

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Who was Ben Dunne?

Ben Dunne, born on March 11, 1949, and passing away on November 18, 2023, was a notable Irish businessman. Initially serving as the director of Dunnes Stores, a prominent chain of department stores in Ireland founded by his family, Dunne later diversified his ventures by establishing a series of fitness centers known as Ben Dunne Gyms. His involvement in Dunnes Stores, one of the country’s largest department store chains, marked a significant chapter in his career.

Subsequently, Dunne’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to the fitness industry, where he founded and owned a successful chain of gyms. His legacy encompasses contributions to both retail and fitness sectors, reflecting a dynamic career that made an impact on Ireland’s business landscape.




Bernard Dunne


11 March 1949, Cork, Ireland


18 November 2023 (aged 74), Dubai, UAE








– Ben Dunne (father)

– Nora Maloney (mother)


Margaret Heffernan (sister)


Ben Dunne Career

Ben Dunne, who began working for Dunnes Stores from a young age, faced significant challenges in his life and career. In 1981, he was kidnapped by the IRA while en route to open a supermarket, ultimately being released after a £1 million ransom payment by a friend. In 1992, a Florida arrest for cocaine possession led to his exit from Dunnes Stores, with his sister assuming control.

His involvement in political donations, notably to figures like Charles Haughey and Michael Lowry, stirred controversy, leading to tribunal findings of corrupt practices. Despite these setbacks, Dunne transitioned to the fitness industry, establishing Ben Dunne Gyms. His entrepreneurial pursuits also included an unsuccessful online marketplace, BenDunne.com. This narrative reflects a life marked by resilience, controversies, and diversification in the face of adversity.

Ben Dunne Age

Business icon Ben Dunne, who left an indelible mark on Irish business, passed away at 74 on November 18, 2023, in Dubai, UAE. Survived by his wife, Mary, and four children, Dunne began as a director of Dunnes Stores before becoming a fitness industry leader with his chain of gyms.

Born on March 11, 1949, in Cork, his life included a high-profile IRA kidnapping in 1981 and a 1992 cocaine arrest. The latter event triggered his departure from Dunnes Stores, leading to political tribunals. His death in Dubai marks the conclusion of a dynamic life shaped by both success and controversy.

Ben Dunne Family

Ben Dunne’s family mourns his passing as the Irish business titan, aged 74, breathed his last in Dubai on November 18, 2023. Survived by his wife, Mary, and their four children, Dunne’s legacy spans from his early role as a director at Dunnes Stores, a major Irish retail group founded by his father, to his later prominence in the fitness industry, notably with the establishment of Ben Dunne Gyms.

Born on March 11, 1949, in Cork, his life unfolded with a dramatic kidnapping by the IRA in 1981 and a subsequent arrest for cocaine possession in 1992. These events marked transitions in his career and family life. His departure from Dunnes Stores set in motion revelations of political payments, contributing to tribunals that left a lasting impact on Irish politics. The family now reflects on the dynamic journey of a man who left an indelible mark on both business and personal realms.

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