Who Made It In The Top 10 On The Voice Season 22?

The Voice season 22’s episode 19 aired on NBC on November 22. The 13 contestants performed on the theme of “Dedication” as the audience voted for these 9 contestants to proceed to the next round.

These contestants are ranked in order of the number of votes received.

  1. Justin Aaron from Team Gwen
  2. Bryce Leatherwood from Team Blake
  3. Omar Jose Cardona from Team Legend
  4. Bodie from Team Blake
  5. Morgan Myles from Team Camila
  6. Rowan Grace from Team Blake
  7. Kim Cruse from Team Legend
  8. Brayden Lape from Team Blake
  9. Parijita Bastola from Team Legend

Contestants who received the lowest votes included Devix, Kique, Eric Who, and Alyssa Witrado. By giving one last performance, the other four singers tried to save themselves from eviction. At the end of it all, Team Gwen’s Kique was saved by the audience.

Eric, Alyssa and Devix were eliminated. The Top 10 of this season involves these singers in each team.

  • Team Blake: Four singers (Bryce Leatherwood, Rowan Grace, Brayden Lape and Bodie)
  • Team Legend: Three singers (Omar Jose Cardona, Kim Cruse and Parijita Bastola)
  • Team Camila: One singer (Morgan Myles)
  • Team Gwen: Two singers (Justin Aaron and Kique)

For the first time this season, a coach was seen singing with his team. Team Blake sang the song Southern Nights with all the singers on the team. They were applauded and even got a standing ovation.


The Voice season 22 has now found its top 10. It airs twice weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays only on NBC.

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