Who Was Billie-jo Jenkins? What Happened To Her? Get All The Details Here

Who was Billie-jo Jenkins?

Billie-Jo Jenkins was a girl from England. She was born on 29 March 1983. In February 1997, she was murdered in Hastings, East Sussex. She was murdered on 15 February 1997. The murder case earned widespread media attention and still stays unsolved. Billie-Jo Jenkins grew up in East London. Her dad was imprisoned, and her mom was unable to manage on her own. Jenkins was placed in foster care when she was nine with Siôn and Lois Jenkins, who coincidentally had the surname as her. She was beaten to death. Scroll down to what happened to her.

What Happened to Billie Jo Jenkins?

Billie-Jo Jenkins was murdered with an iron tent peg in February 1997. The girl was seen in the back garden of the Hastings home, which was located in East Sussex. Billie shared the house with her foster father, Sion Jenkins, along with his wife Lois and their 4 daughters. When Billie’s body was discovered in doubtful circumstances, her father, Sion Jenkins, was initially convicted of the murder and imprisoned for life. But, he never admitted to killing his daughter. According to the Reports, Sion was acquitted on February 9, 2006, after 2 inconclusive retrials as the jury could reach a verdict.

Who is Sion Jenkins?


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Siôn Jenkins is Billie Jo Jenkins’ foster father. He was actually convicted for the crime. Sion was denied compensation on the grounds that there was no evidence to prove his innocence. Following his acquittal, Sion’s former wife Lois alleged he was violent to her and their 4 daughters. After Sion’s final acquittal for the murder, he enrolled in a criminology course at the University of Portsmouth. He applied for £500,000 worth of compensation in 2008 for his imprisonment. His application got rejected, and he said he would not appeal. The Ministry of Justice gave reason for the refusal that there was no proof that conclusively proved his innocence.

Where is Sion Jenkins Now?

The 63-year-old Siôn remarried in 2005 to former Miss Southsea beauty queen Christina Ferneyhough. She wrote to him when he was in prison. The two managed to stay out of the press for a long time. After Sion was released from prison, he moved to Lymington, Hampshire, with Christina Ferneyhough. Sion Jenkins now lives in Southsea, Hampshire, with her wife. He has a 29 years old son named Oscar with Christina. They live in a £550,000 home in Southsea, Hampshire. His wife was a nurse at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in nearby Cosham. Now, it is unclear what Sion is doing. Here is an interview video of Sion Jenkins.



Billie-jo Jenkins Murder Case

Justice for Sion Jenkins website said last year that “the story of Billie-Jo could not have a happy ending, but it should have a truthful one. Someone knew the answer, and it was time, to tell the truth. It called on Sussex Police to open the case again and accept that serious mistakes were made in 1997. A forensic review of the murder case was announced by Sussex Police on 31 January 2022. However, it was informed that the broader investigation was not being re-opened. Billie’s murder is one of England’s most high-profile unsolved murders.

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