Who Was Nominated On Celebrity Big Brother, Who Was Nominated On Big Brother Tonight?


Who Was Nominated On Celebrity Big Brother?

We say goodbye to another Celebrity Big Brother 3 houseguest on Friday night before crowning a new Head of Household. The Nomination Ceremony will take place inside the Celebrity Big Brother house later today, but we already know who will be on the block. Find out which Celebrity Big Brother 2022 houseguests are in danger for round 4 and Who Was Nominated On Celebrity Big Brother Tonight. 

Who Was Nominated On Big Brother Tonight?

The fourth round of the Head of the Household competition was a test of endurance. The houseguests were forced to cling to a wall and resist. Carson eventually won the tournament after offering Todrick a contract. Currently, Miesha, Todd, and Todrick are in an alliance, and Carson, Cynthia, and Shanna are in an alliance. While Lamar is essentially alone, he has had no issues thus far.

Carson declared, to no one’s surprise, that he nominated Miesha and Todd for eviction as the next HoH. Todrick and Miesha, who have a two-way arrangement with Carson and Cynthia, have tried to persuade them to turn on Shanna.

Todrick could be a member of the Power of Veto who protected Miesha in order to throw Shana under the bus. You can, however, subscribe to Paramount+ and watch live streams to remain up to date on everything that is going on in the house.

Nominations And HoH Winner For Round 4

The surviving houseguests competed in the endurance Head of Household after Chris Kirkpatrick was eliminated last night. One by one, the houseguests left until Carson and Todrick were alone. Todrick was battling against the wall and decided to strike a bargain with Carson in order to keep himself safe. He later stated that whether Carson consented or not, he was going to collapse.

Carson pledged not to put Todrick on the block this round, but he did not commit to not putting him up as a replacement nominee if one of his nominees was eliminated. Carson told Cynthia that he had no intention of putting Todrick up in the first place, thus the agreement didn’t affect his plans for this round.


Carson stated repeatedly throughout the night that Miesha will be his target. He intends to convince her that it’s because she’s the house’s biggest threat, a line she’s used on him both times she’s locked him up. Carson also discussed putting Todd on the block for messing with Cynthia after the Veto Ceremony the other day.


Unless something major occurs inside the house prior to the Nomination Ceremony, we believe Miesha and Todd will be on the block. Carson, Cynthia, and Shanna have been trying to persuade Lamar to work with them, so we don’t think they’d put him on the block.

Celebrity Big Brother Round 4 Nominations

Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 is halfway through, and there has been a lot to absorb in the first two weeks. Only seven houseguests left in the race for the ultimate prize after three players were expelled and one walked away.

Teddi Mellencamp, Mirai Nagasu, and Chris Kirkpatrick, who was the HoH but lost the Veto, have all been kicked out of the house thus far. Chris Kattan, on the other hand, has decided to depart the show. On a video delivered to the rest of the guests, he addressed his departure. Check out the Celebrity Big Brother Round 4 Nominations spoilers in the article above. 

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