Who Went Home on Bachelor in Paradise? Who Does John Henry Pick on Bachelor in Paradise?

Who Went Home on Bachelor in Paradise?

In the recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, the dramatic events unfolded with significant departures. Olivia and Kat’s rivalry over John Henry intensified, leading to a confrontation on the beach. Despite Olivia’s efforts, John Henry chose Kat during the Rose Ceremony, leaving Olivia without a rose and ending their connection. The evening took an unexpected turn when Becca, contemplating her relationship with Brayden, decided to leave Paradise permanently. This decision was a surprising twist for Brayden, altering the dynamics of the Rose Ceremony. Ultimately, Brayden chose to save Olivia with his rose, extending her stay in Paradise.

The aftermath of the Rose Ceremony brought an emotional apology from John Henry to Olivia, marking the end of their relationship. As the episode concluded, a new contestant, Michael, entered the scene, sparking interest, especially from Olivia. With the arrival of Jordan and Katie Thurston teased in the preview, the dynamics on the beach are poised for further upheavals. The episode showcased the unpredictable nature of Bachelor in Paradise, where romantic connections can be made or broken in the blink of an eye, keeping viewers eagerly anticipating the next developments in this captivating journey of love and heartbreak.

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Who Does John Henry Pick on Bachelor in Paradise?

In Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, John Henry Spurlock, formerly from The Bachelorette Season 20, faced a crucial decision between contestants Kat Izzo and Olivia Lewis. Ultimately, John Henry chose Kat over Olivia, marking a significant turning point in the season’s romantic dynamics. This choice resulted in Olivia leaving Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 without a romantic connection. The decisive moment occurred in Episode 6, where John Henry not only picked Kat but also got engaged to her.

Post-filming, their relationship seemed to thrive, with onlookers noting the couple holding hands and appearing strongly connected. Reality Steve’s insights and a subsequent video suggested that John Henry and Kat’s engagement persisted beyond the Bachelor in Paradise setting, indicating a promising continuation of their romantic journey.



Who is John Henry From Bachelor in Paradise?

John Henry Spurlock, a 31-year-old Underwater Welder from Wilmington, North Carolina, took center stage in Bachelor in Paradise Season 9. Previously seen on The Bachelorette Season 20 alongside Charity Lawson, his journey on Bachelor in Paradise unfolded as he navigated the intricate web of romantic entanglements. Passionate about his profession as an underwater welder, John Henry sought a love deeper than the ocean itself. Described as initially shy but wholeheartedly committed once he opens up, he expressed a desire for a partner who is trustworthy, adventurous, and possesses a good sense of humor.


While his stint on The Bachelorette didn’t lead to lasting love, Bachelor in Paradise presented a fresh opportunity for John Henry to explore new connections. Known for his unique quirks, such as a shameless love for pumpkin spiced lattes, a preference for ornamental grasses over flowers, and having watched only 20 movies in his entire life, John Henry’s distinctive personality added charm to the Bachelor Nation narrative. As the season unfolded, viewers anticipated whether he would find the lasting connection he sought or if the tides of romance would present new challenges on the paradisiacal beach.


Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Episode 7 Recap

In Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Episode 7, the narrative unfolds with a high-stakes Kat and Olivia showdown, adding a layer of tension to the paradisiacal beach. The episode kicks off with Charity providing counsel to Eliza and Aaron B., navigating the complexities of ex-girlfriend drama. The beach atmosphere is charged as Kat persists in her pursuit of John Henry, drawing criticism for seemingly seeking a rose rather than genuine connection.

The Cocktail Party, where men hold the roses, becomes a stage for serious conversations among couples. Aaron B. expresses his love for Eliza, while lingering uncertainties from past romantic entanglements continue to simmer. The introduction of the Paradise Truth Box reveals revelations about the romantic dynamics on the beach, further fueling the drama.

The Third Rose Ceremony becomes a pivotal moment, with Tanner choosing Rachel, John Henry opting for Kat over Olivia, and Brayden saving Olivia with a non-romantic rose for the second time this season. The fallout sees John Henry apologizing to Olivia the next morning, signaling the end of their relationship. As a new entrant, Michael, makes an appearance, anticipation builds for the next episode featuring the arrivals of Jordan and Katie Thurston, promising more twists and turns in the Bachelor in Paradise journey.

Bachelor in Paradise

“Bachelor in Paradise” is an American reality TV series that debuted on ABC in 2014. It serves as a spin-off of popular dating shows “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” The concept of the show revolves around bringing together previous contestants from these two shows to a beautiful and exotic location in Mexico, creating an opportunity for them to find love once again. 

The series is known for its dramatic and entertaining format, featuring a group of single men and women who engage in dating, forming connections, and, occasionally, sparking romantic drama. Contestants are eliminated throughout the season until a final couple emerges as the winner.

Initially hosted by Chris Harrison, the show offers a mix of love, rivalry, and intrigue, making it a beloved guilty pleasure for many viewers. It’s an interesting twist on the quest for love and provides a second chance for contestants to find their perfect match in a picturesque and relaxed setting.

Where to Watch Bachelor in Paradise?

You can watch “Bachelor in Paradise” on ABC when it’s broadcast live, but for those who have cut the cord, online options are available. Services like DirecTV Stream and FuboTV offer free trials to new subscribers. 

These platforms provide a way for viewers to watch the show online, making it accessible to a broader audience. If you’re looking to catch the latest drama, romance, and intrigue on the show, these streaming services are a convenient option, and the free trials can be a great way to test them out before committing to a subscription.


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