Why Recreation Of Thrones Lower An Whole Targaryen Era

Recreation of Thrones minimize King Jaehaerys II Targaryen from the sequence, making Aegon “Egg” Targaryen the daddy of The Mad King as a substitute – this is why.

When revealing Daenerys and The Mad King’s household lineage in Recreation of Thrones, the sequence minimize out a complete current era from Home Targaryen’s historical past. Whereas Recreation of Thrones didn’t dive too deeply into the Targaryen household tree – which will probably be completed via HBO’s prequel sequence Home of the Dragon – it did typically reference a number of of the best or most notable Targaryen rulers in Westerosi historical past. Nonetheless, when referencing the grandfather of Daenerys Targaryen, Recreation of Thrones eliminated a era from the present’s historical past.

The historical past of Home Targaryen and the household tree are maybe probably the most advanced elements of Recreation of Thrones’ lore, particularly when contemplating what number of generations overlap as a result of Targaryens’ observe of marrying brother to sister, cousin to cousin, uncle to niece, or aunt to nephew. With out going too far into the household line of Home Targaryen, Recreation of Thrones nonetheless established the importance of their descendants and connections to the Iron Throne. Till Jon Snow was revealed to be a trueborn Targaryen inheritor, the one three dwelling Targaryens in Recreation of Thrones have been Daenerys, Viserys, and Maester Aemon. The sequence then established that Aemon was the great-uncle of Daenerys, as he was the older brother of her grandfather King Aegon V Targaryen.


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Nonetheless, Aegon “Egg” Targaryen being the daddy of The Mad King Aerys II and Rhaella Targaryen conflicts with the Targaryens’ established histories in George R.R. Martin’s A Music of Ice and Hearth and Hearth & Blood. Within the books, Daenerys’ grandfather was King Jaehaerys II Targaryen, the son of Aegon V, thus making Maester Aemon her great-great-uncle. Aemon revealed that Egg’s son was Aerys II, however he really would have been his grandson. When eradicating Jaehaerys II, Recreation of Thrones needed to make Aerys II’s uncles, Daeron and Duncan – and his aunt, Rhaelle – his siblings, thus slicing out a complete era between Aegon and “The Mad King” Aerys. Contemplating Home Targaryen’s lineage is already extraordinarily advanced, Recreation of Thrones eliminated the era with the intention to simplify the household tree for TV functions. By doing this, Recreation of Thrones introduced the Targaryen characters nearer collectively and made their connections much less complicated, with Maester Aemon then being a era nearer to Daenerys and Jon.

Game of Thrones The Mad King

Moderately than spending an excessive amount of display screen time explaining the multi-generational connections between Aemon and Daenerys, Recreation of Thrones simplified it by explaining he was her grandfather’s brother. It was additionally far more essential for Recreation of Thrones to incorporate King Aegon V within the Targaryen line slightly than King Jaehaerys II, because the latter had a a lot much less important impression on the characters of the sequence. Jaehaerys’ reign wasn’t marked by many memorable occasions or adjustments inside the realm, however Aegon V’s rule in Westeros nonetheless had lasting impacts on the dynamics of the lord and girls throughout Recreation of Thrones’ timeline. Additionally, by eradicating Jaehaerys II, Recreation of Thrones was capable of shift its timeline barely nearer to that of Aegon V’s rule, as Jaehaerys had solely served for 3 years earlier than Daenerys’ father ascended the throne.

Whereas Home of the Dragon will seemingly be related to the lore established in Recreation of Thrones slightly than A Music of Ice and Hearth, it’s unclear if the sequence will ever handle this discrepancy between Hearth & Blood’s Targaryen historical past and Recreation of Thrones’ canon. Given, Home of the Dragon takes place roughly 170 years earlier than Recreation of Thrones, however it might change a number of essential elements of their general lore by way of the recurring incest and the variety of Targaryens who sat on the Iron Throne. If the Recreation of Thrones prequel sequence Dunk & Egg ever strikes ahead, the reply to the era of Jaehaerys II being faraway from historical past could also be higher defined on display screen.

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