Why RIIZE Changed Fandom Name Only 2 Days After Release: A COMPLETE Explanation

SM new Kpop boy group RIIZE recently caught in another unexpected controversy. A few days after its release, SM Entertainment and members of Kpop idols RIIZE decided to change the name of its fandom due to the rising criticism. So, what happened behind RIIZE fandom name controversy? Find out more in the following comprehensive discussion.

The Controversy Behind SM New Kpop Boy Group RIIZE and Its Fandom Name

SM Entertainment recently debuted its highly-anticipated new Kpop boy group RIIZE. Despite all the alarming issues surrounding RIIZE members, the Kpop idols managed to gain massive support and attention from global fans and the Kpop community.

While the Kpop idols seem to have an auspicious future, more controversy occurred after RIIZE members announced its fandom name.

The official social media account of SM new boy group RIIZE, recently announced the official name of their fandom. According to the announcement, RIIZE official fandom name would initially be: SUNZ.

The purpose behind the name was so the fans would make RIIZE shine brightly and grow together with the members. However, it turns out that many fans believed the name would be problematic to the Kpop idols. And so, it raises another controversy for SM new Kpop group RIIZE, on top of all the controversial issues with the members.


What Happened?

So, what really happened behind RIIZE fandom name controversy?


Originally, SM new boy group RIIZE gave an exciting opportunity for the fans to participate in deciding the group’s official fandom name. Once the submission period was completed, the choice for the fandom name was narrowed into three options: SUNZ, WIISH, and BRIIZE.

The new SM boy group conducted another vote, resulting in the winning name: SUNZ.

While the name itself may seem ordinary, when combined with the name of SM new Kpop boy group RIIZE, it may become severely problematic. That is because many fans believe when RIIZE and SUNZ are combined, they would form a similar name to the controversial Japanese flag used during the wars: “Rising Sun”.

The Japanese imperial flag that brings controversy to Kpop idols RIIZE fandom name. | Twitter
The Japanese imperial flag that brings controversy to Kpop idols RIIZE fandom name. | Twitter

This flag is a terrible reminder of Japanese militarism and imperialism in many Asian countries, including South Korea. Many people have also associated the Rising Sun flag design with Nazi’s swastika because the Japanese used it when they colonized South Korea in the early 20th century.

The possible issue brought concerns and criticism from fans. They were questioning why SM Entertainment would propose such a name, knowing the possible altercation it would entail.

And that is especially when one of RIIZE members, Shotaro, is Japanese.

SM Entertainment Changed the Fandom Name of Their New Kpop Idols

Finally, due to the problematic issues, SM Entertainment decided to change their new Kpop boy group fandom name.

Instead of using SUNZ, RIIZE now uses the name who won the second place in the voting result: BRIIZE. And SM Entertainment will officially open the fan club starting on September 12.

“We will announce an update about RIIZE’s Official Fanclub.

Thank you to all the fans for your incredible support since RIIZE’s debut. On September 4, the same day as the debut, we shared RIIZE fanclub official name, “SUNZ,” which was the top choice among fans. However, some fans expressed concerns that the name might have a negative connotation. We never intended this, but we understand the worries.

“SUNZ” was chosen because it signifies growing alongside RIIZE.

Even so, we’ve decided to rename the fanclub to “BRIIZE,” the second winning name in the voting result. We appreciate your understanding.

RIIZE’s fanclub, BRIIZE, will officially launch on September 12. We’ll use it to keep everyone updated on RIIZE’s activities. Please continue to support and show interest. Thank you.”

SM Entertainment.

So, what do you think about the new fandom name of SM new boy group? Does it suit the Kpop idols? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Also, stay updated with K-entertainment recent news on Kpoppost’s Instagram, Threads, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram channel.

Meanwhile, here’s the Kpop idols RIIZE in their recent performance with STUDIO CHOOM.

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