Will Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min REALLY Break Up in “Cinderella at 2 AM”?

Actors Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min will unexpectedly unite in a new webtoon adaptation of the Korean drama, “Cinderella at 2 AM”. In the new drama, the two actors must showcase the most versatile acting skills as a couple facing an inevitable but undesirable breakup. What is “Cinderella at 2 AM” all about, and which roles will Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min take on in this adaptation? But, most importantly, will they be able to deliver a satisfying performance? Discover more in the detailed report below.

Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min to Star in New Webtoon Adaptation Korean Drama, “Cinderella at 2 AM”

The “Cinderella at 2 AM” webtoon is set to be adapted into an exciting new Korean drama featuring Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min.

On August 25, Star News exclusively reported that Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min had been cast in a new Korean drama, “Cinderella at 2 AM”. This new drama is an adaptation project based on a Korean webtoon of the same name by author Aigome and illustrator Sancha.

If the story follows the original webtoon, “Cinderella at 2 AM” will circle around the classic tale of Cinderella in modern society. However, unlike your usual poor girl + chaebol prince Korean drama, Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min new drama promises more plot twists and deeper themes.

Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min to star in “Cinderella at 2 AM” drama. | Twitter
Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min to star in “Cinderella at 2 AM” drama. | Twitter

Not Your Usual Webtoon Adaptation Korean Drama

So, what is “Cinderella at 2 AM” about, and what characters will Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min portray in the new webtoon adaptation of the Korean drama?

At first glance, “Cinderella at 2 AM” might appear as a typical Cinderella story with a poor girl and chaebol prince falling in love with each other. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes evident that it’s anything but ordinary.


“Cinderella at 2 AM” webtoon adaptation Korean drama tells the story of a 3rd-generation son of a conglomerate family who believes that protecting and prioritizing the woman he loves will also mean that he is protecting himself. Unfortunately, the chaebol prince must encounter an ordinary woman who thinks that protecting herself is the most crucial priority that she must complete.


“Cinderella at 2 AM” Webtoon Adaptation Drama: Characters and Storyline

Shin Hyun Been of “Reborn Rich” and “Hospital Playlist” will take on the role of Ha Yoon Seo. She is a woman born into an ordinary family, blessed with good looks as well as impeccable skills and abilities. Throughout her life, Ha Yoon Seo has never lost her confidence and dignity due to these gifts. Utilizing all her skills and blessings at its highest level, Ha Yoon Seo has lived a good life with a good personality, a good income, and a promising career as the manager of the brand marketing team at a credit card company. That is, until she encounters the kindhearted Seo Joo Won.

Meanwhile, “Duty After School” and “Under the Queen’s Umbrella,” actor Moon Sang Min will portray Seo Joo Won. Born as the 3rd-generation son of a chaebol family, Seo Joo Won must prove his worth by starting from the ground up in his family’s corporation. He begins his professional journey as a new employee in Ha Yoon Seo’s team.

Ha Yoon Seo and Seo Joo Won end up falling in love and begin their office romance as a happy couple. But one day, Seo Joo Won’s mother finds out about their relationship and asks Ha Yoon Seo to break up with her son.

Without any doubt, Ha Yoon Seo agrees to the mother’s terms. She even demands the mother to wire as much money as possible into her bank account as compensation. However, Ha Yoon Seo also requests that she proceed with the breakup naturally by a 2-month deadline.

Unexpectedly, no matter what Ha Yoon Seo does to hurt him, Seo Joo Won remains faithful and kind towards her. And it only makes her fall in love with him deeper.

Can Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min Make the Perfect Chemistry?

So, how will Ha Yoon Seo fulfill her promise to Seo Joo Won’s mother then? Will the two characters really end up breaking up in the end? But, most importantly, can actors Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min showcase compelling chemistry in the webtoon adaptation Korean drama?

Previously, actor Moon Sang Min received immense praise for his performance as the new Crown Prince in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”. Despite his young age, Moon Sang Min managed to perform deep emotion and impeccable chemistry with actress Oh Ye Ju.

On the other hand, actress Shin Hyun Been received massive criticism during her performance in “Reborn Rich”. Despite performing alongside top Korean actor Song Joong Ki in the #2 highest rating Korean drama, Shin Hyun Been allegedly failed to demonstrate good chemistry as the drama’s lead actress.

So, do you believe the two actors will give standout performances in this drama? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Also, stay updated with the latest K-entertainment news on Kpoppost’s Instagram, Threads, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram channel.

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