Wolverine’s Death Explored On Twitter After Deadpool 3 x Hugh Jackman Announcement

Ryan Reynolds has confirmed in a new video that Hugh Jackman will be playing the role of his iconic character, Wolverine in the Marvel flick, Deadpool 3. The actor talked about his way of preparing for Deadpool 3.

He further jokingly asks Hugh if he wants to reprise his role as Wolverine. Jackman responds by saying “Yeah sure, Ryan”. This clip has sent fans into a frenzy ad they have been confused about what would be Wolverine’s role. The confusion arises after Wolverine’s movie, Logan released in 2017, where he ends up dying.

A user claimed that Logan’s ending was perfect and makers should not “undo” his death. Many fans began pondering on the question as they shared their thoughts. Some fans justified his appearance as they explained the timelines of the movies. However, others claimed this is an attempt to “cheapen the death”.

A fan said it could be that the character’s variant is coming in 7 years later which is not the same version. Another explained how Logan took place in 2029 and Deadpool 3 takes place before that. The user also stated that the character cannot be recast as the cast of X-Men’s contract expires in 2025.

Contrary to this, another fan hopes this is a flashback scene and it does not ruin the great death that Logan had. Many others were excited to see Hugh back in the role of Wolverine aka Logan. A fan also pointed out that this movie is a sequel to the Fox movies and it could be before Logan’s death.


They added that Deadpool might shift to the MCU at the end of the movie. The sequel to Deadpool 2 is set to release in 2024. It was announced a few years back and fans have been excited for the same.

Other details of the movie have been under wraps but Hugh’s involvement is confirmed. The plot will be interesting as we will get to see how they bring Wolverine back into the universe after his death in Logan.

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