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WWE Explains Why Dexter Lumis Is After The Miz 

Upon three months of Dexter Lumis taunting The Miz on WWE TV, we finally know why Lumis has been aiming the A-Lister since his WWE return. On the October 31st episode of WWE Raw, Johnny Gargano alleged The Miz of paying Lumis to stage a string of attacks on him in order to attract the attention of the paparazzi.

Byron Saxton introduced Gargano as a whistleblower with inside information in a 60-minute style interview titled The True Story of Dexter Lumis & The Miz, and he would provide backstory to the continuing WWE plotline. Gargano stated, I’ve known Dexter for years. He has his quirks, but he’s just like the rest of us trying to make a living. Because he married into my NXT family by marrying Indi Hartwell, I would have to accept him as a son-in-law or a pet raccoon.

But our relatives was shattered when Lumis was fired by WWE in April 2022. He ran into financial difficulties. It wore on Dexter’s mind, and in typical Miz fashion, he took advantage of the opportunity. Gargano went on, I overheard Dexter and Lumis talking on the night of my WWE return. And, because it’s 2022, I obviously recorded it on my phone. Johnny Wrestling then played an audio clip from his phone that appeared to imply that The Miz had compensated Lumis to choke him out and drag him out of the ring during an August episode of WWE Raw.

The Miz WWE Career

Gargano recommended that The Miz willingly questioned Lumis to cost him the U.S. as he described The Miz’s decision to fabricate stories and exploit Dexter’s situation. The Miz defended his title against former champion Bobby Lashley in September, just to gain sympathy for having a celebrity stalker. The interview segment ended with Gargano suggesting that the staged attacks turned into real ones when The Miz crossed Lumis. Somewhere along the way, The Miz stopped paying Dexter, Gargano added, and now Dexter is coming after him until he gets what he’s owed.

The Miz has decided to make quite a name for himself over the decades and has established himself as one of the most popular superstars in recent history. He has successfully transitioned from celebrity to pro wrestler, paving the way for others, like recent signee Logan Paul, doing the same. On tonight’s episode of Raw, AJ Styles faced off against The Miz. Styles won the match after hitting the Phenomenal Forearm, but after the match, Ciampa appeared from nowhere attacked Styles.


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