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WWE Has Announced When Rey Mysterio Will Face GUNTHER For The IC Title

A date has been set for the WWE Intercontinental Championship match between GUNTHER and his next challenger, Rey Mysterio. The match was announced on the October 21 episode of SmackDown that it would occur on November 4th. It is the final SmackDown before the Crown Jewel premium live event on November 5 in Saudi Arabia.

The match, as well as the rest of the November 4 SmackDown, will be pre-recorded, either before or after the October 28 “SmackDown” in St. Louis, Missouri. The week before, Mysterio was traded to the SmackDown roster in exchange for Raw having gained Baron Corbin. Due to an ongoing plotline conflict with his son, Dominick Mysterio, and the rest of The Judgment Day, Mysterio left Raw.

During one backstage segment on the October 14 SmackDown, Mysterio announced his retirement to Triple H, before the trade was disclosed later that night. Mysterio competed in a Fatal Four Way match to determine the number one contender for GUNTHER’s Intercontinental Championship the same night as the trade. Interference would come from The Bloodline on behalf of Sikoa as well as the Brawling Brutes on behest of Sheamus in the fight among Mysterio, Sheamus, Solo Sikoa, & Ricochet.

Finally, Mysterio pinned Ricochet to become the new number one contender. Mysterio has won two Intercontinental Championships. In 2009, he held the position twice. The match, nevertheless, is a first for Mysterio and GUNTHER. The two men have never competed in a match together, either inside or outside of WWE.

Eddie Guerrero

It’s no secret in the wrestling world that Rey Mysterio was onscreen and offscreen friends with Eddie Guerrero before his death in 2005. Mysterio reaffirmed this after paying tribute to the late legend on tonight’s show of Raw. In during show, The Mysterio’ partnered up to face Finn Balor and Damien Priest from The Judgment Day. Balor and Rey Mysterio were the two legal men in the final moments of the match.


Priest slid a seat into the ring to assist his companion, but Dominik Mysterio stepped into the ring to prevent the chair exchange. Dominik was pushed away, and Rey landed on the canvas while the referee was distracted. He collapsed and chucked the chair to Balor, trying to pretend to be hit by it. When the referee did turn around, he saw Rey managed to pass out on the mat. He named for the bell, and the Mysterios won by disqualification in front of their hometown fans in San Diego, California.

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