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WWE NXT Viewership Goal for Booker T 

WWE NXT has big plans for Booker T. The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer has been providing commentary at the Capitol Wrestling Center on Tuesday nights while Wade Barrett has taken over for Pat McAfee on WWE SmackDown, & Booker is all kinds of confident in his gift for gab, sucka. Wade Barrett can say goodbye to that job, Booker made jokes on his Hall Of Fame podcast.

It’s all over! Not only does the Master of The Harlem Hangover think he has Wally Pipp’ed Barrett out of his position, but he also wants to help boost the Black and Gold brand’s ratings. Before it’s over, NXT wants a million viewers per week on Tuesday nights, and I need you to help me get there. I’ll be bringing that commentary to you, I’ll be flinging the lyrics, and I’ll be stalking like chicken hawking this week.

There’s a reason Booker was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame not once, but twice: the five-time WCW World Champion could get the job done both in and out of the ring, and he believes the latter carries a lot of weight in the grand scheme of the wrestling business. The entertainment portion, that portion has always been there for me. If I’m not laughing and having a good time, I’m not going to watch, Booker said before urging viewers to tune in on Tuesdays.

Booker T would he ever join AEW?

Booker T made a guest appearance behind the commentary booth on WWE Raw, but would he ever join AEW? On a recent episode of the Hall of Fame podcast, co-host Brad Gilmore asked the two-time WWE Hall of Famer what was holding him back. Booker laughed as he said, I’ve got about six years left on my contract, maybe seven.

I’m not going anywhere, man. I’m never going to have to say never or any of that, but I really like where I’m at with the WWE right now. The legend has several projects on the go, including his Reality Of Wrestling promotion based in Houston, as well as his podcast & his Smack Talk series with WWE as well as A&E. He also returned recently to in-ring action with his own Reality of Wrestling promotion, making an appearance in full WCW Harlem Heat regalia.


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