Xia Ye Zhi Jun Nuan (2020) Synopsis & Cast

Drama Info:

Title: Xia Ye Zhi Jun Nuan (夏夜知君暖)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: June 12, 2020
Film Location: China
Summary: The drama is adapted from Fuyun Duoduo’s novel “Sweetheart Coach, Playing Basketball with the School Cutie”, and is a youth campus drama.

Plot Synoposis:

Qingmeng University freshman Su Nuan Xia fulfills her father’s legacy by changing from a strange girl into a sweet and thoughtful basketball coach.

She gathers a group of good-looking “genius monster” teenagers with basketball dreams to save the team’s fate.

Su Nuan Xia also accidentally discovers that the school cutie Jun Ye has great basketball skills. In order to get him to join the team, she uses all possible means and cares for him 24/7. Eventually, Jun Ye becomes interested and finally “arrogantly” agrees to join the team.

Jun Ye slowly becomes attracted to her warmth and tenacity as a coach and completely falls in love with her. Initially indifferent to basketball, he decides to show his true strength to Nuan Xia but found that he was still bound by a demon and could not play normally.

With the help of Nuan Xia and his teammates, Jun Ye gaims warmth and trust. He finally defeats his internal demons and leads the team to win continuously.

Jun Ye also helps Nuan Xia overcome difficulties again and again. Chu Ran, who also likes Su Nuan Xia, was very dissatisfied and sets up various conspiracies to destroy the feelings between Jun Ye and Nuan Xia.

Nuan Xia eventually gives in to Jun Ye’s pursuits and after going through the twists and turns of “Anna’s Rhapsody”, “Lost Countryside” and “Inner Demons”, the two finally come together.

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Cast & Characters:

Deng Chao Yuan 邓超元 as Jun Ye 君夜

Wang Zi Wei 王梓薇 as Su Nuan Xia 苏暖夏

Supporting Characters

Zhang Da Yuan 张达源 as Chu Ran 楚然

Jiang Shen 蒋申 as Xiao Tu Tu 肖兔兔

Drama Posters:
Airing Schedule

Start: June 12, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Friday and Saturday
End: July 18, 2020

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