YG’s Statement on BLACKPINK Lisa Contract Issues: Is She REALLY Leaving?

Amid preparations for their upcoming grand finale concert, BLACKPINK rapper-dancer Lisa is currently facing ongoing rumors regarding her contract issues with the agency YG Entertainment. What makes matters worse is that the contract issues resulted in rumors that Lisa is leaving BLACKPINK and that BLACKPINK will soon disband due to these contract issues. So, were the rumors truly accurate? And what did BLACKPINK Lisa and YG Entertainment say about the contract issues? Continue reading for a more detailed report.

BLACKPINK Lisa Faces Contract Renewal Issues Amid Finale Concert Preparation

The Kpop sensation, BLACKPINK, is gearing up to host the upcoming finale concert for the “BORN PINK” world tour. Unfortunately, amid the grand preparation for the upcoming concert, BLACKPINK rapper and maknae Lisa is facing some issues in her contract renewal.

Previously, reports revealed that BLACKPINK Lisa has rejected contract renewal offers from YG Entertainment. And it did not happen only once, but twice, despite the contracts’ values being worth 50 billion KRW (approximately 37.7 million USD).

In addition, BLACKPINK Lisa seemed to have received numerous worldwide offers. Various entertainment companies from different countries have been approaching the BLACKPINK maknae with appealing offers worth tens of millions of USD.

Not only did these contract issues result in the declining values of YG Entertainment stocks, they also caused the circulating rumors that Lisa is leaving BLACKPINK. That is why fans became anxious and worried that BLACKPINK will disband because it’s losing one of its core members.


YG Entertainment Releases Official Statement

Due to the spreading rumors and the declining value of their stocks, BLACKPINK agency YG Entertainment eventually released an official statement.


On September 15, TV Report revealed that YG Entertainment denied issues regarding BLACKPINK Lisa contract renewal process. According to the BLACKPINK agency, both parties are still discussing Lisa’s contract renewal. Therefore, all the circulating rumors are not valid.

“The contract renewal process of BLACKPINK Lisa is still under discussion at the moment. All the circulating rumors are not true.”

YG Entertainment.

Still, even after the agency released its official statement, it did not relieve fans’ anxiety. After all, YG Entertainment has been releasing such vague statements several times.

Back in July, the company issued a similar statement when a Chinese agency reportedly encountered issues arranging Lisa’s schedules. It was difficult to manage Lisa’s appearance on a show due to the uncertainties of her contract with YG Entertainment. But even at the time, YG also said that everything was under discussion.

BLACKPINK Lisa. | Twitter
BLACKPINK Lisa. | Twitter


Eventually, all these contract renewal issues bring fans to the ultimate question: is Lisa really leaving BLACKPINK?

Nothing is yet certain at the moment. While there is still a high chance that BLACKPINK will remain as a group even if Lisa is actually leaving, nobody can yet guarantee the future of this successful Kpop girl group. That is because, according to TV Report, the uncertainty of these contract renewal issues does not only happen to Lisa.

Up until today, it’s still unclear whether the remaining 3 members of BLACKPINK will renew their contracts with YG Entertainment.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is currently preparing for the upcoming grand finale of the “BORN PINK” world tour. The group will hold its concert on September 16 and 17 at the largest indoor concert venue in South Korea, Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul.

BLACKPINK will mark itself as the first female Kpop artist to hold a grand concert at the venue.

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