Yoon Hyun-min is a perfectionist in new stills from ‘Men Are Men’

KBS2’s upcoming romantic comedy Men Are Men has dropped new stills of lead Yoon Hyun-min!

Men Are Men stars Yoon Hyun-min (My Holo Love), Hwang Jung-eum (Mystic Pop-up Bar), and Seo Ji-hoon (Welcome) as leads and tells the story of a woman who insists on staying single and adopts a “no-marriage” stance after being hurt badly in her past relationships. She gets courted by two men with completely different charms.


In the drama, Yoon plays Hwang Ji-woo, the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. He’s a popular figure due to his genius and many achievements at a very young age but is inexperienced in the area of love. For some reason, he continues to ignore the many love confessions he receives from women. The stills show Yoon looking both cold and mysterious as well as friendly, capturing the essence of his character quite well.

With the story’s focus on “no-marriage” reflecting a current trend among South Korea’s youth, interest is growing on how the drama will tackle it. Yoon said, “I was attracted to the overall story as well as my character Hwang Ji-woo, so I decided to star in the drama.” The actor also remarked that he didn’t share many similarities with his character, and that’s why he was excited to play the role.

Men Are Men (previously known as That Guy is the Guy) is directed by Choi Yoon-suk, who was behind Queen of Mystery 2 (2018) and the highly successful Good Manager (2017). The script is penned by Lee Eun-young, who wrote Sweden Laundry (2014–2015) and My Little Baby (2016). It is set to premiere on July 6 at 10 p.m. KST as KBS2’s newest Monday-Tuesday drama.

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