Your Guide to Writing a Voided Check

The tradition of incorporating paper checks is becoming very common. The shift is because of online finances, such as applications and cashless translation. In fact, most individuals opt for direct deposit instead of taking their salary slips to the bank. 

Regardless of the trend, the checks are still widely used. The competition is tough with real check stubs that mention crucial banking information. Therefore, to curb check misuse, we introduce voided checks.

The definition of a voided check

The check mentions essential information such as the routing number, account number, and complete name. The information helps establishes a direct link between the employer and the employee. Because of the sensitive information, handing over the check to a stranger is irresponsible. Therefore, the individual can write “Void” on it to prevent unauthorized withdrawals.


Why would you need a voided check?

When an individual shares banking information with anyone, it is an excellent reason to communicate with a copied check. Manually writing down and copying information can result in many errors. As a result, the probability of making mistakes increases. Therefore, it is easier to incorporate a voided check than individually writing the account number.

Another common reason to use a voided check is to use them for direct deposit for wages. Assuming the banker will pay you through electronic transfer. In that case, they require the necessary information to transfer the amount. Furthermore, a direct deposit is also used as reimbursement for expenses from a federal agency.

An individual can also use voided checks to attain loan payment for a house or student loan. The bank will set up automated payments for necessities such as credit cards. As a result, the individual does not need to go to the bank monthly to pay the bills.

Thirdly, an individual can also make a mistake filling out a check for payment. You can use a voided check if the same has happened to you. An ill-filled check is hazardous if the bearer does not intend to use it. If misplaced, the check can be used for wrongful withdrawals and lead to identity thefts too. When a check is voided, it means no one can maliciously use it.

How to create a voided check?

Creating a voided check is very simple. Simply right the word “void” in the check font. Remember, the word must be large enough to fill the front side of the check. However, the word must not interact with the sensitive information mentioned at the bottom of the check.

  1. The individual must use a thick marker so no one can erase the word or cover it with scriptures. 
  2. You must not sign a voided check, as this will make it very easy to access the bank funds.
  3. Convey the check’s picture or send the check to the interested individual, company, or recipient who requested your bank information.
  4. Ensure the individual who created the void check keeps a record of it either in the checkbook or separately. The person can also save the check number and note the date in case anyone asks for proof. 

The Bottom Line

Even though one may not write a check too frequently, one must still have the relevant knowledge to write void checks. It will safeguard direct deposit and ensure the more straightforward process of automatic loans. As mentioned earlier, writing a voided check is simple and safeguards sensitive information perfectly. 


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